358 Fence / High security fencing of Linkland™

358 Fence , High security fencing or Prison Mesh Fencing  as it is also known, is a highly robust steel Mesh Fencing system. 358 Fence / Anti-climbing fence consists of horizontal and vertical mesh wires which are positioned close together to prevent people from fitting their fingers through the apertures, to ultimately climb the fencing.

358 Fence Introductions

358 Fence / High security fencing, as a kind of anti-anti-climb and anti-cut fence barrier, is extremely difficult to penetrate or attack using conventional hand tools. The panels have small apertures which prevent foot and finger holds making it anti-climb with excellent visibility and resistance to vandalism. High weld strength at each intersection makes the fence strong and durable. It is designed to provide security and protection for industrial and commercial properties and public utilities. As well,it is suitable for military, airport, prison or security units, if together with electronic alarm and detection systems.

358 Fence Panels

358 security mesh fence made from a type of strong welded mesh panel with small mesh opening. It is extremely difficult to penetrate and difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. Has the features of anti-climbing and anti-cutting. The fence name 358 comes from its panel mesh opening 3" × 0.5" × 8 gauge - approximate to 75mm × 12.5mm × 4mm mesh openning. This mesh fencing is for high security applications, though is also often used for lower security applications for peace of mind. The very small apertures mean that it is not possible for any would-be intruder to get a finger or toe hold for climbing, or indeed for getting a cutting tool into.

The panels are made of heavy mesh with a high level of security in width 2515mm and a height of 2007mm to 3302mm. Several panels can be installed on top of each other. Thus may be achieved a total height of 6300mm.

  • Mesh pattern: 75mm (3") × 12.5mm (0.5") resistance welded well at each intersection
  • Wire diameter: 4mm horizontal wire and vertical Wire.
  • Weld strength: range 540-690 N/m2
  • Surface treatment: 358 mesh fence panels made from hot dipped galvanized steel wire, then PVC powder coating (Min. 100 micron), or PVC powder painting. It provides additional protection and increases the potential life span.
  • Installation: Overlapped 75mm minimum at each post (shown as the below photo) for securing with slotted clamp bars and M8 diameter bolts.

358 Fence Post

Posts are made from steel hollow sections to suit the height of the mesh fence panels, with the mesh overlapped and secured with full length clamp bars and security fixings.

  • Material: high grade steel for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Post section: 60×60mm,80×60mm, 80×80mm or 120×60mm.
  • Post Plate thickness: 2.5mm or 3.0mm.
  • Finish: inside and outside galvanized (Min. 275 g/m2), subsequently covered with a polymer powder (Min. 60 micron ).
  • Post cap: 80×60mm and 120×60mm post with metal caps, and 80×80mm post with plastic cap.
  • Metal clips and clamps are hot dip galvanised then powder coating in green or black color.

358 Fence Colors

Linkland 358/Security Fence can be supplied in all colors according to international standard RAL Colors, the popular colors as below:

358 Fence Coating and Warranty

The High security fence are manufacturedusing galvanized steel wire with super-durable powder coating assures a long service life for the fence system. Our powder coating material is the top brand like AkzoNobel, which provides the industry's Highest Weather-ability and Gloss Retention in U.V. exposure, and is backed by our 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Specifications of LINKLAND™ 358 Fence/ High Security Fencing

Panel Size 
(Height × Width)
Fence Post 
(Height × Size × Thick )
Clamp Bar
 (Height × Width × Thick )
Inter or corner Clamp No (PCS)
2007mm ×2515mm 2700mm ×60×60×2.5mm 2007mm×60mm ×5.00mm 7 or 14
2400mm× 2515mm 3100mm×60×60×2.5mm 2400mm×60mm ×5.00mm 9 or 18
2997mm×2515mm 3800mm×80×80×2.5mm 2997mm×80mm ×6.00mm 11 or 22
3302mm ×2515mm 4200mm×80×80×2.5mm 3302mm×80mm ×6.00mm 12 or 24
3607mm ×2515mm 4500mm×100×60×3.0mm 3607mm×100mm×7.00mm 13 or 26
3607mm ×2515mm 4500mm×100×100×3.0mm 3607mm×100mm×7.00mm 13 or 26
4204mm × 2515mm 5200mm×100×100×4.0mm 4204mm×100mm×8.00mm 15 or 30
4496mm × 2515mm 5500mm×100×100×5.0mm 4496mm×100mm×8.00mm 16 or 32
5207mm ×2515mm 6200mm×120×120×5.0mm 5207mm×100mm×8.00mm 18 or 36
*Customized color and size are available, OEM orders are welcomed!

Benefits of LINKLAND™ 358 Fence

  • Anti-climbing: more small openings, no toe or finger holds.

  • Anti-cut: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult by bolt cutters and wire cutters.

  • High strength welded at each intersection.

  • Durable: covering Galfan and polymer powder coating ensure a long service life.

  • Mesh fencing specially configured to provide maximum visibility, especially used for emergency and electronic detection systems.

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001:2008 is a Quality Management System that formalises good business practices, most of which we already have in place. Linkland Fencing has a certified Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture and installation of different kinds of fencing, gates and security barriers to commercial trade and domestic customers. Certified.

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