Reinforcing steel is necessary in practically all types of concrete construction. Concrete is weak in tension; consequently, reinforcement must be used to purpose because high yield strength cold-drawn wires of small size and close spacing can be combined to provide well distributed tensile reinforcement that is entirely adequate and economical .


(1) Less steel required.

Due to higher working stress allowed in building codes, standard specifications for welded wire mesh made from cold drawn wire , a saving is made in steel purchased, transported. Handled and installed.

(2) Uniform steel distribution.

Welded wire mesh provides proper distribution of steel reinforcing throughout the concrete slab. It has smaller steel members that are closely and uniformly spaced, and accurately placed at all points of maximum stress. This typed of reinforcement distributes load stresses widely and equally throughout the concrete slab.

(3) Design requirements may be accurately fulfilled.

Welded wire mesh is available in a wide range of styles to meet accurate design requirements. The reinforcement is prefabricated in the factory, preventing omission or misplacement of steel in the fields.

(4) Quickly and economically placed.

No laying of single bars, cutting bending and knotting of single bars needed. A saving in installation labor expense is made possible by a reinforcement furnished to the job in sheets, which are easily and speedily placed in the desired position.

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