POWER Metal Cutter

230mm PC-1100 Spring

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  • For cutting hard material like piano wire with ease.
  • Hardened, long life handles.

For cutting metal materials!

Annealed iron wire

Power metal cutter PC-1100 is the best tool to cut annealed iron wire, which is one of the most popular material for various scene like construction, gardening, waste management industry and etc for binding, fixing.

Pair of φ2.6mm annealed iron wire can be cut at one time.

PC-1100 can cut annealed iron wire even though with the tip end of blades. Frequently used φ3.2~4.0mm annealed iron wires can be cut with POWER Metal Cutter easily!

Barbed wire

Barbed wire is doubly twisted, often coated with zinc, and used for keeping out intruders. Using PC-1100 POWER Metal Cutter, you can cut these wire with ease and safe because the long handles avoiding injury by barbs.

Doubly twisted φ2.0mm barbed wires can be cut easily with PC-1100 POWER Metal Cutter . Long handles keep enough distance between your hand and barbs on the wires.

Wire mesh

Wire mesh is used to show boundary of area or secure safety. Materials of the most popular Rhombic type wire mesh are stainless, zinc plated iron or vinyl coated iron. PC-1100 POWER Metal Cutter with self opening spring is suitable for cutting wire mesh at many points to adjust size.

Cutting φ3.2mm rhombic wire mesh (zinc plated) easily! Automatically opening handle is comfortable to cut entangled mesh at many points.

  • Material | Alloy steel
  • Blade hardness [HRC] | 61~64
Size[mm] Weight
Overall length Head width Plate thickness Head thickness Handle width Edge length
PC-1100 220 42 4.5 16.5 49 19 265 113020
Cutting capacity (φmm) Annealed iron Piano wire Hard steel Soft iron Copper Stainless
PC-1100 4.0 0.8 1.6 4.0 5.0 3.2

Note: Do not use to cut harder wire or anything above it rated the capacity.