Procedia Engineering

Volume 91, 2014, Pages 48-53

Study of Lead Rubber Bearings Operation with Varying Height Buildings at Earthquake rights and content
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The paper studies the efficiency of seismic isolation system in the form of lead rubber bearings with different height buildings at multicomponent seismic impact. As an example, seismically isolated monolithic ferro-concrete 5-, 9- and 16-storey buildings are considered. The solution of the problem is obtained by a direct integration of the motion equations for an explicit scheme in the software package LS-DYNA. The calculation is performed considering the nonlinear nature of lead rubber bearings. The analysis of the effectiveness of buildings with and without seismic isolation it is performed.


Seismic effect
seismic isolation system
spectrum density
direct dynamic method
lead rubber bearings

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Peer-review under responsibility of organizing committee of the XXIII R-S-P seminar, Theoretical Foundation of Civil Engineering (23RSP).