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Acoustic Foam Panels

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Acoustic soundproof foam prevents sound waves from reflecting off of hard surfaces, like ceilings and walls. Instead, it absorbs the waves. The result is a smooth, quiet and calm environment. Though not completely soundproof, noise-dampening foam allows you to enjoy many activities in residential and commercial spaces that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Compared to alternative methods for soundproofing, using sound absorbing foam is fast and easy to install. If the budget is tight this solution is for you.

You can also use acoustic soundproof foam to reduce noises from outside sources from seeping into your home. We will help design the best configuration to block control those sound waves and regain a peaceful environment. Likewise, you can use our products to prevent your teenager’s new band from becoming a neighborhood nuisance.

Commercial installations are endless. Acoustic foams are easy to change depending on your needs. Use them to contain noise from a workshop or garage or to dampen interruptions caused by loud or rattling equipment.

Whether you are a contractor, architect or simply a homeowner looking for a handy solution to a noise problem, you can count on Aural Exchange. We have all of the supplies needed to minimize noise in and around your property.

Take a look at some of our acoustic foam options:

Acoustic foam panels provide affordable insulation and noise control suited to many environments. Our products are Class A & Class B fire rated for use in high-temperature conditions.

We also have colorful panels designed to add a unique look to your locations. Use them as décor that pulls double-duty as wall art and soundproofing materials. Choose between Charcoal, Brown, Purple and Burgundy for acoustic foam panels that are both effective and fun. All of our panels provide you with noise control, as well as protection against drafts, heat and humidity.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of our acoustic foam products is the ease of putting them to work.  Almost anyone can put our foam in place, and you won’t need to completely remodel your space in the event your soundproofing methods need to be removed.

Soundproofing vs Sound Absorption

Building professionals and homeowners alike look to sound dampening foam for solutions, though the problems they’re solving may differ considerably. For instance, renters may want to block noise from inconsiderate neighbours, and a home building may need sound insulation foam to prevent echo in a media room. Whether you’re working with an engineer in designing the perfect space or you’re handling your renovations solo, speak with our experts about the best options for your project. Our team isn’t afraid of getting technical, and the information we can provide goes a long way toward maximising your investment.

For a low-budget recording studio that is big on sound but small on echo, we recommend trying our “egg crate”-style Convoluted Acoustic Foam Panel. Or, to soundproof an area like a hospital server room where fire regulations are strict and high heat is a concern, our Class A™ Acoustic Foam Panel can be an excellent no-construction-needed solution.

Acoustic Foam is perfect for:

  • Ceiling tiles
  • Utility rooms
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Medical facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Offices
  • Gun ranges
  • Engine compartments
  • Compressor enclosures
  • Manufacturing facilities

Acoustic Foam Products

Wedge Foam: The most popular acoustic foam, our wedge foam outperforms and outlasts the competition at an affordable price. Because our foam is CNC laser cut, you can expect it to be nearly identical side to side. Wedge foam provides sound insulation, helps eliminate echoes, offers a professional appearance, requires minimal installation effort and is an excellent studio foam.

Pyramid foam, like our wedge foam, is a long-lasting, high-performance solution to your sound-deadening needs at an affordable price. Pyramid foam’s unique design offers slightly different performance characteristics than the wedge foam, with its greater surface area. The four sides, rather than two, help reduce sound like flutter echoes with extra diffusion but offer slightly less absorption, both desired characteristics depending on usage style.

Eggcrate acoustic foam is great for people who want the sound-deadening qualities of 1 and 2 inch wedge foam, but at a budget-conscious price. Eggcrate sound deadening foam’s style keeps its price low, yet still allows it to stop sound very well. Eggcrate foam is also a good choice for people who plan on covering their sound-deadening foam with acoustical cloth or want an affordable home studio foam.

3D Foam – We offer several premium products for design and decor conscious clients.

Acoustic foam, commonly referred to as sound absorbing foam or soundproof foam, is available in a variety of colors, patterns, thicknesses and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings. Manufactured from a polyurethane or melamine foam core, they can be in the form of wall or ceiling panels, corner bass traps, ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds and hanging baffles. These products are used in home theaters, recording studios, broadcast studios, auditoriums, cinemas churches, classrooms and many other facilities to improve soundproofing via absorption or correct a noise problem.

The Nankarrow range of acoustical foams is our premier brand of acoustic foam available in several colors and profiles, such as pyramid, wedge, eggshell, and flat patterns. Nankarrow foam can also be mounted on wood/MDF/Bisonboard panels to improve sound proofing abilities.

The Nankarrow range of acoustic foams from Russia are an industry recognized standard for reducing noise. Nankarrow provides a large selection of materials for ceiling and wall applications.

Advantages of Soundproofing Acoustic Foam

Soundproofing via absorption

Just like light, sound waves can pass through even the smallest hole or opening in holes, walls, or any material. Acoustic foams can reduce noise pollution and sound leakage as they remove echoes and background sounds not by blocking the sound but by absorbing it.

Enhance sound quality

Acoustic foams are cut in tiles with different profiles such as egg, pyramid, wedge, and square shapes depending on the application. They work not only to absorb sounds, but also to enhance the quality of sound and speech in a room. Dealing with both mid and high frequencies at the same time, acoustic foam can also be counted as a type of cost-friendly heat reduction facility that is placed in corners of the room or wherever optimal sound mixes are needed as bass traps to minimize sound echoes.

The basic principle is that acoustic foams reducing the amplitude of the sound waves by dissipating the sound energy as heat. To enhance this effect, there must ideally be a good air gap between the foam panels and the walls. This provides a wider surface area of the foam panels to incident waves thereby expanding the amount of absorption. However, when this is not possible, the Nankarrow NeoMax pyramid profile generally provides the largest surface area for absorption.

Improve design

Most people consider acoustic foams for their music studio or work areas so they can have more privacy and concentration in doing their work. Acoustic foam is made from open cell polyurethane foam and available in stunning colours like Purple and Burgundy, and the pyramid, wedge, and flat profiles look amazing aesthetically and naturally improve room design.

There are a variety of colors and textures of acoustic foam and you may want to incorporate the theme to your home’s interior design. Some people choose to apply a contour effect to add sophistication and elegance in the room. In addition, acoustic foams also are available in different sizes and thickness and these can be attached to walls, ceilings, doors and other parts of a room.

Before designing a room, it is important not only to look after the leaks, flooring, wall paint, ceiling height, and many of the fixtures. To treat and control sound coming in and out of the room, you know that setting up curtains is not the brightest idea. Rather, installing acoustic foams that attenuate airborne sound waves should be part of the plan from the start to effectively eliminate resonance within the room. It is an inexpensive way to soundproof the walls or decrease the volume of desired area in your home.

Types of Acoustic Foam

Wedge Acoustic Foam

These feature wedges sticking out of the base. This allows for a polarised design. The advantage is that there is only a single direction along which the sound will be absorbed. You should position the wedges approximately perpendicular to the expected propagation of the impinging sound and you will get the maximum absorption effect. If your studio monitors are placed vertically, the wedges should be placed horizontally.

  • Maximum absorption only along one axis
  • Prevents destructive specular reflections
  • Eliminates room modes, comb filtering, standing waves and undesirable specular artifacts
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms

Pyramid Acoustic Foam

Pyramid foam’s unique design offers slightly different performance characteristics than other cuts, with its greater surface area. The four sides, rather than the two of the wedge, provide extra diffusion but slightly less absorption for different usage styles and needs. This is very advantageous because this foam provides the flattest response and doesn’t “deaden” a room completely. Most recording studios prefer using pyramid acoustic foam.

  • Reduces destructive specular reflections
  • Reduces room modes
  • Reduces comb filtering
  • Reduces standing waves
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms

Square Grid Acoustic Foam

Square grid panels offer impressive mid- and high-frequency absorption and a very elegant look that makes them a great addition to any recording studio, home theater or listening room. These are the most aesthetically pleasing panels and are always highly in demand from interior decorators and architects, especially for ceilings.

  • Perfect for ceilings
  • Aesthetically appealing for modern design
  • Reduces destructive specular reflections
  • Reduces standing waves
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms

Quadratic Residue Acoustic Foam

This is one of the most advanced acoustic foam profiles available. The differing heights of protrusions serve to spread sonic energy out into the room causing more scattered reflections, as well as each absorbing a slightly different slice of the frequency spectrum. It takes slightly different amounts of time for sound waves to travel through the different sections of the quadratic acoustic foam, strike the mounting surface and travel back through the foam into the room, so wavefronts are in effect softened rather than just being absorbed. This is why a room treated with Nankarrow NeoFuse acoustic foam room will retain a bit more “feel” than a room that’s treated with a stronger acoustic absorber like Wedges or Pyramids.

  • Excellent balance of absorption and diffusion
  • Creates a feeling of spaciousness even in small rooms
  • Broadens the sweet spot
  • Reduces flutter echo
  • Less high-frequency absorption ensures natural sound
  • Best mounted at points of first reflection.
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