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We customize decor

Independently and together with our business partners, we continue to develop new exciting LVT floor, SPC flooring, WPC flooring surface decoration and designs which are the most important factor that a brand differentiates from their competitors. Triolor will help our clients to customize a popular and unique color and translate your imaginations into realities.

five production process

After ten years of accumulation, we have established cooperative relationships with hundreds of color film factories to provide our clients color film which is more beautiful and more suitable for local fashion trends. At the same time, we have also reached in-depth cooperation with some color film factories with excellent design capabilities, so that we can design unique and trend-leading color films for customers from the source. What you need to do is just the first step in the process below.


Below are some representative color film pictures that we have selected according to the fashion trends in Asia, South America, North America, Europe and Australia. We will regularly update the color film photos to help you understand the popular designs in your area. At the same time, you can directly select the color you like from below. Just tell us the color film number and our sales manager will arrange samples for you to confirm.

  • Asia
  • South America
  • North America
  • European
  • Australia
  • TR16209-1Layout

  • TR16191-1Layout

  • TR16189-1-Layout

  • TR16185-3-Layout

  • TR16183-1-Layout

  • TR16175-7Layout

  • TR16174-2Layout

  • TR16151-1Layout

  • TR16138-1Layout

  • TR15116-6Layout

  • TR16188-1-Layout

  • TR16164-5Layout

  • TR16216-1Layout

  • TR16169-1Layout

  • TR16160-1Layout

  • TR16159-3Layout

  • TR16146-2Layout

  • TR16137-1Layout

  • TR16123-1Layout

  • TR15111-1Layout

  • TR16217-1Layout

  • TR16203-1Layout

  • TR16197-4Layout

  • TR16197-4Layout

  • TR16181-5Layout

  • TR16173-1Layout

  • TR16167-1Layout

  • TR16165-1Layout

  • TR16152-1Layout

  • TR16109-4Layout

  • TR17104-3Layout

  • TR16214-1Layout

  • TR16207-1Layout

  • TR16206-1Layout

  • TR16198-6Layout

  • TR16192-1Layout

  • TR16190-1Layout

  • TR16187-3-Layout

  • TR16186-1-Layout

  • TR16121-2Layout

  • TR15183-1Layout

  • TR17103-2Layout

  • TR16180K-1Layout

  • TR16172-4Layout

  • TR16142-4Layout

  • TR16133-8Layout

  • TR16131-3Layout

  • TR16108-6Layout

  • TR15182-3Layout

  • TR15132 -1Layout

  • TR15124-11Layout

our products

Trioflor, a professional vinyl flooring manufacturer integrating production, research and sales, we are one of the first batch of SPC floor manufacturers to introduce an international advanced SPC production line. Main products include all kinds of vinyl flooring-- SPC flooring, WPC flooring, LVT flooring, and vinyl sheet flooring including homogeneous flooring, heterogeneous flooring.

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