Rigid Core Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Rigid core vinyl flooring is an engineered vinyl floor that has a boosted inflexible center structure for strength.

A rigid core vinyl is a solid plank that has less flexibility than the standard vinyl plank and a sturdier feel. In short, rigid core flooring is made to withstand heavy use. Its strong core permits it to have greater dent resistance than other luxury vinyl. They also boost the flooring with a shielding polyurethane to stand firm to scratches and dents. Above all, water won't pass through the heart of this solid flooring!

Construction of rigid core vinyl flooring:

  • Wear Layer – a transparent top coating on the vinyl floor
  • Vinyl Top Coat – a thin layer of vinyl on the top of the core
  • Rigid Core – made of Wood Plastic or Stone Plastic Composite

There are two types of rigid core flooring. WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite and SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. The heart of both WPC and SPC flooring is a waterproof core. In WPC flooring, they create this core from a wood plastic composite. SPC is very similar to WPC except they use stone dust instead of wood pulp. Stone plastic composite is more rigid than the wood plastic composite flooring - the stone is stiffer, sturdier and less resilient. SPC flooring is also fire resistant.

With any rigid core flooring, you will need to sweep or vacuum it once a day and wipe up spills right away. To clean dirt that the broom or vacuum can't get, use a mop dampened with warm water.

If you are looking for a natural wood or tile look in a waterproof floor, Shaw’s Floorté Pro and COREtec will give you exactly what you are looking for. They’re entirely waterproof with the look of hardwood or tile. You are backed by a waterproof, kid-proof, pet-proof, worry-proof promise giving you that classic look improved for a strengthened performance so you can enjoy beautiful floors for years to come. Stop into Creative Carpet & Flooring today and see the many natural wood and tile looks we have for you to choose from.

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