bivvi camp is a portable, modular and sustainably-built A-frame cabin

the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has many of us rethinking the way we live. do we still want to live in cities? is it worth paying so much when we can’t even get the perks big metropolis offer? after a long year trapped inside four walls, the idea of living closer to nature seems to be gaining traction with proposals that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and comfortable. such is the bivvi camp, a high-quality, modular and movable A-frame cabin built with the idea of connecting people with nature. 

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‘what started as plans to build a wilderness hut for friends slowly turned into a business idea,’ bivvi camp told us. ‘when bivvi started in 2019, the market was flooded with options for tents, yurts, and trailers. what lacked was a simple, well-designed cabin structure that was comfortable all year round and didn’t involve long and expensive on site assembly. combining years of working as architects and fabricators, the founders of bivvi set out to build their very own cabin to serve today’s outdoor enthusiasts.’



derived from the word bivouac — a small temporary shelter that can be easily packed and deployed in the wilderness — the bivvi cabin measures 8-6’’ wide x 11’-6’’ long and 10’-6’’ tall, allowing it to be legally transported to its end destination. it has been clad in long-lasting materials that ensure guests will be protected through every season and across a range of climates. inside, pine boards create a warm interior naturally lit by a large triangular picture window frame opposite to the door. the cabin is fully insulated, has a natural ventilation system for airflow and can be customized to incorporate electricity, solar, heating and furniture.



bivvi cabins are designed to fit onto their own purpose-built trailer for a seamless method of delivery to customers. once on site, the trailer allows for unlimited site placement options for the cabin while maintaining a light touch on the landscape.





project info:


name: bivvi camp

founded: 2019
location: portland, oregon
manufacturing location: portland, oregon


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