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Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheets

JFE's wide range of hot dip galvanized products include pure zinc coated, alloy coated, and unique high corrosion resistance chemically treated steel sheets which respond to the increasingly advanced and diverse needs of changing markets. As the results, JFE has got sincere reliance from the domestic and overseas customers.


  • Wide range of product standards
    • JFE produces hot dip galvanized products to meet a wide range of product standards, including JIS and other public standards, as well as internal JFE standards.
      Products range from general use, and include pure zinc coated, alloy coated, to high strength sheets and unique high corrosion resistance, chemically-treated steel sheets and other special applications.
  • Superior workability
    • JFE’s cold rolled products have excellent formability and minimal deviation in mechanical properties thanks to the company’s accumulated technical exper tise, expertise, newly constructed and modernized facilities and innovative technologies, and integrated quality control system that extends from raw materials to the final product.
  • Superior surface quality and dimensional accuracy
    • Modern facilities,advanced operational technologies, strict inspection, and integrated quality control ensure excellent surface quality.
      Dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic thickness control system using advanced numerical models.
  • Outstanding technical service
    • To meet the requirements of diverse clients, JFE has established a complete technical servicing system with advises clients on questions ranging from material proper ties to processing technologies.

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