Regardless of the style of your cabinet doors,

wire mesh inserts

add distinction and texture to your overall design. Incorporating these decorative components into your plan does more than just add drama. It can visually expand a small space by allowing you to see beyond the face of the cabinets. Subtle nuances in the

wire pattern

and finish change the character of the cabinet and, by design, the overall feel of your space. Add low voltage lighting to the interior of the cabinets and you create a focal point for any distinctive collection. Practically, wire mesh permits air flow into cabinets. This is particularly beneficial in

media cabinets



where electronics often generate heat.

Wire mesh panels
can be inserted into a wide range of frame and mullion door styles.

Wire Mesh not sold separately. It is only sold as an integral part of our doors.



316-1.4C Bright Nickel   MJ09 Satin Brass   114-1.4F Satin Chrome   116-1.4C Antique Silver




518-3.16C Flat Black   114-3.8C Antique Brass   415-3.8P Satin Brass   DK08 Antique Pewter




182P Old English   132C Design Stat Bronze   116C Antique Silver   315P Design Stat Bronze




316P Dk Antique Pewter   332P Bright Brass   316C Satin Nickel   5814F Antique Brass




5816P Satin Chrome
1215P Antique Copper
1214F Black
CG10 Antique Nickel




215S Antique Pewter
216S Design Stat Bronze
RE25 Dk Antique Pewter
286S Stainless



MD11 Antique Nickel   686P Design Satin Nickel   711F Antique Copper   613C Antique Pewter




1020T Flat Black   1220T Bright Brass