Your Cat Needs a Patio & We’re Not Kitten!

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Has your feline felt less than frisky? Is your mouser in a mood? It could be because you’ve been amiss in your duties as a cat parent. Life is tough on the streets, and cats talk. Your kitten might be totes jelly of the cat next door. Why? Felix has a Catio and they don’t.

Take the “ow” out of meow and make your cat the coolest on the block with a DIY catio.

What are Catios?

Simply put, Catios are luxe locales for those of the feline persuasion. They’re indoor or outdoor “enclosures” that keep your furbaby safe, yet able to still experience the wonder of the world around them.

Benefits to cats include:

- Street cred

- Bragging rights

- Stature (Cature?)

- Social intermingling, without the pressure of commitment

Also, as your cat ages, it won’t end up in therapy for feeling ignored and unfulfilled by its parents. Basically, in the long run, a Catio will save you money on therapy.

- But in all seriousness, there are myriad benefits to a Catio:

- Keep kitty safe from cars or predators

- Reduce your vet bills from catfights or rabies

- Protect local birds and wildlife

- Reduce indoor multi-cat issues

How Do You Make a Purrrfect Custom Catio?

We’re glad you asked! First, talk to your furbaby. No doubt they will have specific needs and wants, but be prepared to set limits. Not every Catio needs a wet food bar.

Needs and wants could include:

- Multiple lounging areas

- Cat-friendly greenery (washed green beans, lettuce, and of course “nip” - if legal in your state)

- Social spaces for feline friends

- Personal touches befitting their design style, such as fresh flowers and sunning spots

- Hammocks and shaded areas

- Stimulating views

- Feeling pawsitively inspired? Fab. Let’s get started!

DIY Catio Plans Start with Wire Mesh Materials

Don’t skimp on style or your kitten will be the talk of the town. It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses, even in the pet community.

Now that you’ve come to understand the importance a Catio plays in your feline’s social life and interviewed them about their dream design, it’s time to pick your mesh material.

Options include, but are not limited to:

- Galvanized rust-free fencing wire

- Welded wire mesh

Chicken wire (hex mesh)

Naturally, it’s all about safety first. We invite you to read more about safety and design considerations on PetMd. When choosing your wire mesh, also consider the size of the opening to keep those pesky squirrels out.

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