Composite Manhole Cover

Technology is constantly evolving and finding new ways to make life easier and more efficient. And the world of construction is no exception. There are new building materials popping up each and every day, especially as it relates to manhole covers. While these covers have traditionally been composed of cast iron, people are now starting to invest in composite-based covers, composed of non-metallic materials instead. Let’s take a moment to discuss the 5 benefits that make this updated design the best option.

Theft Prevention

One of the biggest issues that the U.S. faces is theft. And in the case of manholes, people steal them in order to sell them for their scrap value. In the city of Calcutta, India alone, there have been over 10,000 manhole thefts–and that’s just over a two month time span. However, thieves are often detoured by composite covers because they have zero scrap value.


Composite covers far surpass the iron covers in regards to weight. This is very helpful when it comes to maintenance; workers can work more efficiently and get the job faster because they don’t have to strain to move them. Also, it creates a safer environment for everyone.


When metal comes into contact with water, it can often lead to corrosion. However, when that water is full of waste and sewage, it makes the combination that much more potent. This is not a problem with composite materials. They can withstand most any liquids or gases including those that are noxious.


Because composite material is so durable, it saves on the maintenance. It does not have to be replaced as often. And when you consider the shipping and fuel costs that are incurred when these items are delivered, this saves an incredible amount of money.


Unlike the traditional cast iron manholes, our composite manholes can last up to three decades. They don’t need as much maintenance. They are fully traffic rated which means that can withstand 30% more weight than the traditional covers.

By making the change, you experience these benefits today!

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