Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Products List

Bridge concrete reinforced mesh is used in bridge construction reinforcement, like bridge girders, bridge spans, bridge decks, and many other applications.

Concrete reinforcing mesh welded from 3 to 40 mm steel rods used for concrete footpaths and ground slabs construction, in galvanized and stainless steel materials.

Rectangular reinforcing mesh reinforces thin concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls where more strength is required in one direction than the other.

Square reinforcing mesh from superior quality ribbed steel rebar welded in 100 mm or 200 mm mesh opening, used in bridges, highway and wall reinforcement.

Reinforcing mesh increases strength of reinforcing concrete structures and asphalt, from 3-12 mm reinforcing rebar, in 50, 100, 150, 200 mm mesh size.

Concrete slab mesh is used for block slab, hollowed slabs and wall reinforcement, in 6 m × 2.4 m sheet with 200 mm or 100 mm square reinforced mesh size.

Trench mesh in 6.0 m long with width from 200 mm to 500 mm, made from ribbed wire in 7.6-15.6 mm diameter, ideal for trenches, paths or other narrow spaces.

Welded reinforcing masonry mesh as concrete reinforcement is actively used in masonry road, pouring slabs, and foundations construction. from 3-6 mm welded rods.

Brick wall reinforced mesh also named concrete slab mesh for block slab and hollowed slabs reinforcement, including truss mesh and ladder mesh reinforcement.

Truss mesh reinforcement is necessary for masonry wall construction, made from galvanized or stainless steel wire 1.8-2.0 mm, sheet 3 m long and 5-30 cm width.

Ladder mesh is ideal used in the wall reinforcement, to reduce cracking and increase elasticity and performance, in galvanized and stainless steel materials.

Deformed reinforcing bar and smooth bar used for reinforcing concrete structures in bridges and building construction, 5-50 mm diameter length 3-12 m.

Trench mesh ligatures made from plain round steel bar in rectangular or square shape for tying reinforcing bar or trench mesh forming reinforcement foot cages.

Concrete reinforcing mesh and bar support, such as steel bar chairs, continuous high chair, slab bolster, beam bolster, and upper or on plate style available.

Reinforcing mesh accessories are also manufactured in our company, including tie wire, loop ties, reinforcing steel links and prefabricated steel cages.

Coal mine supporting welded reinforcing mesh is stable and anti-corrosion to be used in the projects of coal mine and tunnel for the security.

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