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Scaffold Tube Cross Braces


Scaffold Tube Cross Braces


Tubular galvanized steel cross braces. Fits Safeway-style, Waco-style and Big Jax-style scaffolding frames. Meets all OSHA and ANSI safety requirements.


Scaffolding Cross Braces

We sell both tubular and angle iron scaffolding cross braces. Our tubular cross braces are galvanized, meet all OSHA and ANSI scaffold requirements, and will fit Safeway, Waco and Big-Jax Style Scaffold frames.

Determining the Correct Scaffolding Cross Brace Size

The first number on our scaffolding cross brace dimensions, ex. 7′ X 4′, represents the length of the brace when it is fully opened. When a 7′ X 4′ brace is attached to two scaffolding frames, the frames will be 7′ apart. The second number represents how wide the brace will spread when opened. Our 7′ X 4′ cross brace will open to a width of 4′. A frame height of (5′, 6’4″and 6’7″) requires a cross brace that will spread to 4′ because the top and bottom pins on the frame are 4′ apart. Our 4′ tall frames require a brace that spreads to 3′ (7′ X 3′ or 10′ X 3′), 3′ tall frames require a brace that spreads to 2′ apart and a 2′ tall frame requires a brace with a 1′ spread. If a 7′ X 4′ brace is put on a set of frames that are 4′ tall, the distance between the frames will be slightly greater than 7′ and that set will not match up with the full size frames on the scaffolding tower.

Safeway and Waco style frames have the same lock spacing. So a 7′ X 4′ cross brace will put both sets of frames the same distance apart. Bil-Jax Style frames have smaller lock spacing and requires a 7′ X 3′ X 4′ cross brace.

On full size scaffolding sections, the cross brace may double as your top guardrail. A bottom guardrailwill still be required.

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7X4, 7X3X4, 7X3, 7X2, 10X4, 10X2


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