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The Anti-Climb Mesh Fence System | DutyGuard | Betafence

The Anti-Climb mesh panel

DutyGuard is a proven system that consists of heavy, high security welded panels in an anti-climb rectangular mesh, secured to steel posts.

- Effective Deterrence
- Anti-cut & Anti-climb
- Long Service Life
- Superior Coating

Available in :
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South & Central Africa
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Betafence Asia & Oceania

Technical Information


High strength security mesh panels create an effective anti-cut, anti-climb barrier, with standard mesh openings of 3in. x 1/2 in. The weld strength is a minimum of 50% to steel strength guaranteeing complete panel integrity. In test performed by specialized police departments, the mesh had a delay factor 40x greater than other fence products.


Panels are attached with high-strength steel brackets to steel posts.


The DutyGuard system is supplies with matching gates using the same high security mesh material as the fence panels. Gate configurations include Swing, Slide and Cantilever operations.


DutyGuard panels and gates are standard with a superior galvanization, and available with Betafence’s exclusive Super-Durable powder coating. This coating provides longer protection from U.V. rays and salt spray than either E-Coat or standard polyester coatings.


DutyGuard is backed by a 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, giving you the peace of mind that the world’s leading producer of fencing stands behind this product.

Name Size Screening % % Open Area Thickness (inches) Wire Thickness Lbs per 100 Sq Ft Short Openings Size Large Opening Size
Plain Hot Dipped
DutyGuard 2-8 2"x8"ga 16.00% 84% 0.162 98 105 1.838 1.838
DutyGuard 3-5-8 3"x1/2"x8ga 36.00% 64% 0.162 210 225 0.338 2.838
DutyGuard 3-5-6 3"x1/2"x6ga 48.00% 52% 0.192 278 298 0.308 2.808
DutyGuard 3-5-4/8 3"x1/2"x4/8ga 37.50% 62.50% 0.225/0.162 292 313 0.338 2.775