Welded Stainless Wire Mesh

In the world of wire mesh,stainless steel has consistently delivered strength and longevity to its users. The metal does not rust or abrade easily, making it functional for years to come. This dependability makes stainless mesh one of the most popular forms of wire mesh out there.

Welded stainless mesh is among of the more than 135 varietiesTWP offers—all compliant with theRestriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). Its wires are joined by resistance welding, rather than a filler metal, creating a strong, consistent product. The versatile material appears in agriculture and industry, as well as in the home.

Features & Uses

Alongside its spectacular sturdiness, welded wire mesh has unique abilities to withstand a variety of environments and temperatures. Thanks to its many benefits, welded stainless mesh is important to myriad industries and utilized in many applications, including:

Welded stainless mesh is also incorporated into insulation containment/installation, infill panels, spark arrestors, and small gabions.

Choosing Your Wire Mesh Material

Welded stainless mesh draws from the combined durability of steel, chromium, and nickel for its signature resistance to corrosion. TWP offers two kinds of stainless steel alloys:

  • T-304 is the standard stainless alloy. It's not as corrosion resistant as T-316, but it's workable (and less expensive) for the majority of uses, unless otherwise indicated. It's available in fine, medium, and coarse opening sizes.

  • T-316 is the premium stainless alloy and is often used in marine environments thanks to its high levels of corrosion resistance from salts, acids, and seawater. It also comes in fine, medium, and coarse sizes.

How long a specific wire mesh material lasts depends on a number of factors, including its exact alloy, the environment it's used in, and the stress it's under.

The right tools can cut stainless steel mesh into any desired size, so see individual items for specific fabrication instructions. Tin snips are perfect for cutting wires from .020 up to about .047. Hand tools are often no match for wire diameters over .047 inches, although a compound aircraft-style hand shear should work.

Welded Stainless Steel Mesh Discs

Looking for more products? We also offer welded stainless  mesh discs.

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  • Corrosion resistant

  • Strong consistent welds

  • Long material life

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