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Extruded Aluminium Heat-Sink

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Project Description

Aluminum alloy, for its lightweight, beautiful, good thermal conductivity and easy processing into complex shapes, is widely used to produce cooling equipment. Aluminium heat sink or aluminium extruded heatsinks are mainly three types:

  • flat wide shape, or a fishbone-shaped comb-shaped;
  • round or oval-shaped;
  • branching shape.

Compared with the others, aluminium heat sink has its own characteristics: the distance between the heat sink is short, between two adjacent heat sink to form a trough, and its large aspect ratio; differential wall thickness, heat sink teeth thin, and its roots in the bottom thick. The mold design, manufacturing, and production are very difficult for the complexity of the shape of radiator extruded sections.

Flat Wide Shape Aluminium Heat-Sink

Round/oval-shaped Aluminium Heat-Sink

Branching shape Aluminium Heat-Sink

Hoonly Extruded Aluminium Heat Sinks provide a greater range of natural convection solutions for higher power components and systems. Complex fin structures can be created by forcing raw aluminum through an extrusion die. These complex fin profiles allow greater heat dissipation through the increased surface area while eliminating the cost and time associated with machining an equivalent shape from block aluminium.

Where does Hoonly extruded heatsink apply?

We supply companies and individuals with quality heatsinks for use in a large variety:

Commercial LED Lighting:

The extruded heatsink provides effective cooling for LED (Light Emitting Diode) sources. Hoonly can manufacture customized aluminum heat sinks which are lightweight in smaller quantities that are not available from larger manufacturers, as well as high-volume production.

How does aluminum heat sink achieve heat dissipation function? Please refer to Brief Introduction of Heat Sink in LED Lighting

How is the aluminum heat sink produced and packaged? Watch the video on Youtube

Circuit Boards& PCB (PC boards):

Hoonly aluminum heat sinks extrusion can provide a highly effective heat management process for circuit boards & PCB by providing a precise combination of vertical and horizontal cooling. Various thicknesses and customized forms are also easily achievable.

Electronic Instrument or Electronic Equipment:

Hoonly manufactures heat sinks that are essential equipment for the electric appliance that can effectively dissipate output transistor heat.

Automotive equipment, NEV (New Energy Vehicles):

The heat sinks for automotive electronic equipment that enables high-density components to operate at stable temperatures over a wide spectrum of ambient conditions.

The purpose of heat sinks are specially designed to extract heat from components in the electronic devices, we accept customized services. Usually, the heat sinks are mill finish, and more, they can be anodized or powder coated to improve the surface protection and corrosion resistance.

heatsink extrusion profiles