Besides the standard types of pre-stressed concrete strand (PC strand), galvanized PC strand is also available. This 7-strand steel cable has essentially the same consistency and tensile strength as its non-galvanized counterpart, but it is coated in zinc before stranding, which makes it particularly resistant to corrosion. Galvanized PC strand can be used for the same applications as standard PC strand, but it is especially recommended for applications where it may be exposed to the elements or potentially corrosive agents, as in cable-stayed bridges or waste treatment structures.

Like non-galvanized PC strand, this wire must be manufactured to exacting standards due to its use in critical structural applications. It is available in thicknesses ranging between .25 inches and .5 inches in diameter.


  • High-rise and other commercial structures
  • Stadiums
  • Multi-level parking garages
  • Hangars
  • Aqueducts
  • Silos
  • Highway and railway viaducts
  • Suspension bridges
  • Cable-stayed bridges
  • Waste treatment structures
Specifications: AWWA C301
Wire Diameters 0.192
Finish: Smooth
Strand: .500 1 x 7 construction
.375 1 x 7 construction
.312 1 x 7 construction
.250 1 x 7 construction

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