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Glass Insulator

Disc Insulators

High voltage glass line suspension insulators according to IEC 60305

We offer two types of disc insulators: 

  • standard glass insulators: U40, U70, U120, U160, U210, U300, U400
  • anti fog glass insulators: U70, U120, U160
  • Breaking load between 40kN and 240kN
  • Frequencies up to 100 Hz are supported.
  • Temperature range is between -60°C and +50°C.
  • The insulators are made of an insulating element, a cap and a pin.
  • The cap and pin are made of high-strength hot galvanized cast-iron, with corrosion- resistant coverage, according to IEC 60120.
  • The cap and pin can be of the type ball-socket or clevis-tongue.
  • The lock, a split-pin  is made of stainless steel or phosphor bronze according to IEC 60372.
  • Glass insulators are used to form a string

Typical string values are:

 Line voltage (kV) Number of standard insulators 
 69 4-6 
 115 7-9
 138 8-10
 230 12
 287 15
 345 18
 500 24 
 765 30-35

Pin Insulators

Glass Insulator