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What Fence Wire Gauge is Right for Me?

June 9, 2017 | by Debbie Page

Fence Wire Gauges: Basics

The most important thing you need to know about welded wire fence wire gauge is:

  • a lower gauge number equals a thicker wire.


When considering a new fence--determine how the fence is going to be used over time. Some important fence project questions to consider include:

  • Are large animals going to be running up against the fence?
  • What is the location of the fence?
  • How high does the fence need to be?
  • How far apart will the fence posts be located?
  • How long do I want the fence to last?

This is a short list of questions to consider when planning a fence project. Choosing the right wire gauge will give you the strength and durability you want. In addition to wire gauge, we recommend considering:

   1. Wire type

   2. Mesh opening

   3. Fence height

If you want a stronger and more durable welded wire fence then you need to choose 11 over 27. Louis Page sells fencing in 11 - 27 wire gauges. Keep in mind, choosing the right wire gauge really depends on your project-- stronger isn't always better. Welded wire fences serve a variety of needs on farms, construction sites and at homes across the nation. Louis Page can counsel you as to what's appropriate and what's overkill. It's best to plan your project and then shop.

Very Common Wire Gauges

Sometimes it's helpful to think about gauge thickness in inches. The following values show, in inches, the most common gauges of wires used in welded and woven wire mesh and fence:

  •  8.5 gauge - 0.155 inch
  •  9 gauge - 0.1483 inch
  • 10.5 gauge - 0.128 inch
  • 11 gauge - 0.1205 inch
  • 12.5 gauge - 0.099 inch
  • 14 gauge - 0.080 inch
  • 16 gauge - 0.0625 inch
  • 18 gauge - 0.0475 inch
  • 20 gauge - 0.0348 inch
  • 21 gauge - 0.0317 inch
  • 23 gauge - 0.0258 inch
  • 27 gauge - 0.0173 inch

There are many different combinations of wire gauge and mesh sizes manufactured. You can select the right product for the requirements of your project by browsing our catalog.  If you are unsure of what wire gauge is right for your fence project, then give us a call (866) 328-5018 and we will be happy to help you select the right products for your project and we can offer a free quote.



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