What Is “S.P.C.” Flooring?

What Is “S.P.C.” flooring? Good Question!

Core construction is typically what separates and defines flooring categories. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, referring to the core composed of limestone and plastic stabilizers. The results of combining these elements in the structure of flooring planks is a thin yet very dense core making it extremely resilient and 100% waterproof. 

Homecrest’s lines of SPC flooring are Cascade Ridge and Cascade Canyon and they live up to the expectations of durability in category noted for toughness. A strong core not only improves resilience, but also translates to exceptional dimensional stability. Stone composition will resist plank expansion/contraction due to extreme temperature swings and the rigidity helps mask subfloor imperfections. Beyond durability, advancements in high definition printing technology have allowed SPC flooring to integrate stunning wood grain into every 48-inch plank. Between the two Homecrest SPC lines, there are 18 unique visuals comprised of a range of character marks and color shades. To protect the visual layer, both Homecrest SPC lines have a 12mil urethane wear layer for increased durability and easy maintenance. Homeowners with a desire for value, high performance and eye-catching visuals will love the SPC options from Homecrest Flooring!

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