Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks

High-Quality Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks - Always Delivered On Time
Aluminum extrusion is the most common process for manufacturing heat sinks. This process is cost-effective, and custom specifications can easily be manufactured. Producing heat sinks from aluminum allows for significant weight savings over copper.
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Custom Extruded Heat Sink Fabrication

If you already have a design for your heat sink extrusions, we can help you manufacture them. Our partner facilities in India offer a wide range of capabilities to get you the alloy, surface finish, and secondary operations you need.

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for heat sink extrusions is 500kg (0.55 US  tons). Producing in India allows for significant cost savings over domestic producers while still maintaining good quality.

Alloy Selection

Aluminum alloys in the 6000 series offer good thermal conductivity, are widely available, and are fairly strong. They tend to extrude well, too. The most common alloys for extruded heat sinks are 6061 and 6063. Our partner extrusion facilities can extrude in these alloys or in the alloy of your choice. On-site foundries give customers with medium to high volume orders a wide range of options. Let us know the alloy and temper you prefer.

Surface Finishing

We offer a range of finishing options. One of the most common surface finishes for heat sinks is anodization. This electrochemical process increases surface emissivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and electrical isolation. Coatings like paint or powder are not recommended because they will act as insulators. Heat sinks can be anodized at our extrusion facilities with colored dyes. Let us know about your preferences.

Post Machining & Secondary

One way to help maximize the surface area of extruded heat sinks is by cross-milling after extrusion. CNC machining is a very precise way to convert the fins on extruded heat sinks into pins. Pins help to maximize heat dissipation, making your heat sink more effective. In addition, we can perform other secondary operations like drilling, stamping, and cutting. Tell us about any secondary operations your project may require. Reach out to us.

Heat Sink Extrusion Catalog: 260+ Open Dies (Minimum Order: 0.55 US Tons)

If you don’t already have a design of your own, browse our catalog of over 260 heat sink shapes. These shapes are extruded at our partner facilities in India. Extrusions are made-to-order and you can choose your own alloy and finishing options. The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for extruded heat sinks is 500kg (0.55 US tons).

Top-Notch Extrusion Facilities in India

Are you looking to save costs, without skimping on quality and without the headaches that come from poor communication? Our partner extrusion facilities in India are top-of-the-line and have been fully vetted for quality. The facilities have top-notch equipment and personnel. Our Western-managed project team is on the ground in Asia to help ensure that your project flows smoothly. That way, you’ll get the profiles you expect on time and exactly to your specifications. Contact us about your heat sink project.

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