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Highway Bridge Bearings

Minka Enterprises has more than 20 years of experience in isolation production of bridges and buildings, and has participated in many infrastructure constructions abroad. Various bridge bearings include railway simply supported beam bridge bearings, highway pot bearings, elastomeric bridge bearings, etc.

The highway pot bearing is a new innovative bearing with unique advantages. The movable bearing adopts an intermediate guide structure, and the beam end rotates in the plane through the rotation of the intermediate steel lining plate. This series of bearings are widely used in various highway and railway bridges, especially for curved bridges and wide bridges with large side bends.

The highway spherical bearing, also known as spherical bearings or PTFE spherical bearing, is designed to ensure that vertical and horizontal forces are transmitted under controlled conditions. Bearings for slewing capacity. If you are looking for highway bridge bearings for sale, welcome to contact us!

Highway Seismic pot bearing