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Top Grade Affordable Homogeneous Vinyl Floor Supply

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring, also known as Homogeneous PVC Floor, offers good quality, long server life, UV coating can provide low maintenance cost. Also, the homogeneous PVC floor demonstrates extraordinary durability and resistance to abrasion. We recommend using this type of floor in all commercial interior places, health and education centers, and other points of sale.

What Is Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring?

Homogeneous PVC floor, is one of the most popular types of Vinyl flooring, is composed of a or more layer of the same material composition and the same color, pattern throughout the thickness of the product. 45 - 55% PVC, 15 - 20% plasticizers, 25 - 35% fillers and 2 - 5% pigments, stabilizers and additives are mixed cold when producing a 2 mm thick floor covering. The mixture is then rolled out into sheets in a rapid operation under high heat on a calendar. It is normally available in strip format (roll), so it also is called Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring with directional, semi-directional, non-directional pattern colored and designed.

Huiya Homogeneous Vinyl Floor Specification

  • Material: Polyvinyl resin

  • Thickness: 2.0mm

  • Size: Width 2m x Length 20m

  • Weight: 2750 grams left and right / square (lightweight of kg shows a good mass of resin)

  • Selective Color: 24+ kinds of customizable colors

Why does someone need Homogenous vinyl flooring?

  If you think that the only reason you should select homogenous vinyl flooring is because of its robustness, then you are probably wrong. However, strength and durability are undoubtedly a good reason; there is a lot more reasonable.

  The homogenous vinyl flooring is available in various colors, including solid colors, so that you can add a professional look to your space. The single layer of vinyl flooring creates a vibrant appeal and offers a deep color. With a soothing color to select from, this flooring is suitable with various interiors and promotes a happy and relaxed environment.

  Homogenous vinyl flooring ingredients: glue and copper have a preventive trait against bacteria, and this trait makes it appropriate for public places and medical organizations. These flooring solutions are versatile and flexible as well. The homogenous vinyl flooring is not just low maintenance, but it is sturdy too. You will get a charming appeal without increasing your budget much.

The advantages of using Homogeneous vinyl flooring

  Some of the benefits of using Where to the Homogenous vinyl flooring ingredients: glue and copper is listed below:

  · Endurance

  The most prominent advantage of vinyl flooring is its ability to endure. Even though it can duplicate high-end floors in appearance, the Homogenous vinyl flooring ingredients: glue and copper, are relatively cheap and can be installed easily.

  · Moisture resistance

  Homogenous vinyl flooring is moisture resistant so that it can be used in almost any place in the home, including the upper and the primary layer.

  · Simple to clean up

  It is easy to sweep as water only needs the bead's surface. Additionally, occasional wet trailing and regular cleaning are all that requires to be kept with a bright and clean floor.

  · Quick and easy installation

  It can be easily installed in bricks and boards and sheets as well.

  · Comforting

  Vinyl flooring is a resilient type of flooring that means that the texture of this type of flooring is soft, so when you walk on it, it makes for a good walking platform.

How is Homogeneous vinyl flooring used?

  There are various types of Homogenous vinyl flooring which is used for multiple purposes and which are available to meet all your requirements:

  · Compact or Acoustic Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring:

  This flooring is best used in the telecommunications environment, clean room, computer room, assembly workshops etc.

  · Static- Conductive and anti-slip Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring:

  This type of flooring are used in educational settings, healthcare, offices, leisure spaces, gyms, retail facilities or any room in businesses or home as it is slip-resistant and perfect for wet areas.

  · Directional, semi-directional or non-directional Homogeneous vinyl flooring:

  This type of homogeneous vinyl flooring is suitable for industrial and commercial purposes such as shopping malls, schools, public buildings, hospitals, playgrounds, buses and hospitals etc.


How to install Homogeneous vinyl flooring?

  We have added few steps needed for installing homogeneous vinyl flooring:

  Step 1: Base ground and flatness detection

  Step 2: Base ground construction.

  Step 3: Self- levelling and concrete construction.

  Step 4: cutting and laying Vinyl flooring rolls

  Step 5: Attaching Vinyl sheet Flooring

  Step 6: Exhaust and rolling vinyl sheet

  Step 7: Opening groove and welding vinyl sheet

Static Conductive Vinyl Flooring Tile/Rolls - Conductive PVC Floor Tiles

Throughout the product thickness of 2.00, the surface of Homogeneous Vinyl floor is compacted to improve wear and is processed with an easy to clean PUR surface. Homogeneous PVC floor coverings are particularly resistant to puncture and abrasion.

  • Incredibly durable, long lifespan;

  • Stain-resistant, easy to clean;

  • Without wax, without enamel;

  • Antibacterial and antifungal;

  • Resistant to puncture and abrasion;

  • Anti-static & Anti-slip (add special substances);

  • VOC compliant and recyclable;

  • Withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic;

  • Broad palette of coordinating colors and patterns;

  • Each to install and low-cost maintenance.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Types

There are different types of Homogeneous PVC flooring are available, meeting all requirements:

  • Acoustic or Compact Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring;

  • Directional, semi-directionnal, or non-directional Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring;

  • Static-conductive and anti-slip Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring versions.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Applications

Due to its construction, homogeneous vinyl PVC floor covering is particularly suitable for object areas with heavy public traffic and intensive use. Anti-Static Vinyl floor tiles are the ideal covering for raised floor used in the data center, office, clean room, computer room, and server room.

  • Hospital and healthcare

  • Hotels and points of sale

  • Office and Modular Structures

  • Storage and service areas

  • Education and Laboratories

  • Sports, such as gym

  • Commercial Areas

  • Industrial premises and workshops

  • Server Rooms and

Why Choose Huiya Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring (Homogeneous PVC floors)?

Huiya revolutionizes homogeneous PVC floors with its design, technology, and performance. Designed, developed, and manufactured with the latest advanced technology, Huiya homogeneous vinyl flooring rolls benefit from a unique surface graining for optimal performance and excellent resistance to stains and scratches. Huiya offers a wide choice of high-quality Homogeneous PVC Flooring colors and performances. Our Homogeneous ESD Vinyl Static Control Flooring are best-selling and most popular in the global market!

Quality & Technology

  • Only virgin phthalate-free materials to be used, no recycled material mixed.

  • Optimal product quality thanks to cutting-edge technology.

  • An efficient and sustainable manufacturing process using renewable energy.

  • Very low VOC emissions ensure better indoor air quality, 100% recyclable.

Performance & Protection

  • A robust product, resistant to the most extreme stresses.

  • Increased resistance to high traffic and scratches due to its unique treatment.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

Designs & Colors

  • A large offer with 2 collections: modern directional & non-directional patterns.

  • Bright and intense colors with high light reflection value (LRV).

  • Harmonious ranges which can be easily combined inside the building.

Prices Ratio & Service

  • Profitable factory-selling prices for worldwide customers.

  • Offer product installation and maintenance technical support.

  • Provide customers with one-stop professional and timely service from inquiry, production, and delivery

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