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How Can You Identify Good Quality Plywood?

All construction endeavours are as good as their raw materials. If the backbone is of poor quality,  the finished product will also be of poor quality. Hence you must choose your raw materials after thorough research and close inspection. You could get scammed if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even if you’re hiring contractors to do the job, it’s always advisable to stay in the loop. So keep reading to know what standard factors you should look for when buying plywood for your home or office.

Plywoods used to be a priced commodity back in the day and it was usually available in the highest quality. But over the years, plywood has grown in demand and is highly sought-after. Consequently, transpiring multiple plywood suppliers. It often gets confusing and overwhelming to choose plywoods when there are so many suppliers in the market. But if you know what you’re looking for and how to check the quality of plywood, the process of choosing will be much easier and faster! 

Here are a few things that you’ll have to keep in mind while looking for the best quality plywood. 

The Purpose of Use 

There are different types of plywood for different purposes. There is MR i.e., Moisture resistant, BWR i.e., boiling water-resistant, and BWP i.e., boiling waterproof. Each of these has unique properties that are suitable for different locations. For example; the MR grade cannot be used in places that are exposed to water but BWR and BWP can be. BWP is also known as Marine Grade plywood because of its substantial ability to hold out upon water exposure. Sometimes homeowners are given Commercial Grade Plywood (MR) instead of Marine Grade. So make sure you have a proper understanding of what kind of plywood you need and for which location. 

ISI Mark 

Always buy plywood with an Indian Standard Industry (ISI) certification. It is a standards-compliance mark for all industrial products in India. If the product has this mark, you can be sure that the product is of good quality and you won’t be scammed into buying cheap products for expensive rates. You can look for the following things to ensure the stamp itself is not fake. 

  • The MR and BWR grade should have the IS of 303. 
  • The BWP grade must have the IS of 701. 
  • There is also a seven-digit CM/L number on every ISI stamp. This number will give you access to the details of the manufacturer on the bureau of Indian standards (BIS) website. 

Besides ISI you can also look for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)  and CVI (Conformance Verification International) certifications to make sure the products are eco friendly. 


Warranty is a good indicator of product quality. When brands have trust in their own products’ quality, they give extended warranty that sometimes lasts up to a lifetime! So always look out for warranty information on all products you purchase in future.  

Touch Test 

Last but not least, is the touch test. If you’re not purchasing the product online and are going to the store to buy it, do a full physical examination of the plywood. Some of the things you can do to identify plywood quality are as follows –

  • Check the surface for bumps, make sure it’s smooth 
  • Ask for a vernier calliper to check if it’s of even thickness on all sides
  • Ask for a piece of ply to check the cross-section so you can make sure there is no overlapping or gapping 
  • Knock on different places of the ply to check if there are hollow spaces
  • Make sure you purchase plywood that hasn’t undergone warping/bending

Expensive products don’t always ensure good quality. Instead of worrying about brand names and fretting over which brand of plywood is best, take matters into your own hands and make sure you always get what you’re paying for. Learn more about plywoods and the different types of wood used in interior designing. And if you’re looking to buy some quality grade plywoods, reach out to a representative at AK Group’s Apple Plywood and we’ll deliver them to you! All our products are ISI, FSC and CVI certified!  Get a free quotation now!

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