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While we focus a lot of our efforts—and budget on the interior of our new home, first impressions and invaluable ‘kerb appeal’ come from our home’s exterior. Contemporary design nowadays often includes an external cladding that enhances the architectural beauty of the building. 

When it comes to the cladding products available in the Australian building market, you can find many options. Cladding panels can be made of wood, metal, brick, stone or vinyl, as well as composite materials that can include timber, plastic and aluminium.

Whether it is for a new home build, a home renovation or a larger commercial project, people are inclined to choose a cladding that looks great. However, we tend to not to consider the ongoing maintenance that it might take to keep it looking that way.

To choose the perfect fit for your home’s cladding, you need to be aware of the differences between all comparable products in the market. It’s important to factor in the durability, maintenance requirements and ‘green’ credentials of the product, as well as its’ visual appeal. Which is going to offer the best aesthetic, initially & in the long-term, and provide an optimal cost-benefit solution?

We have compared all timber cladding panels available for spicing up the exterior of your home, and here we outline the reasons composite panel cladding might be the best option for your home exterior. 


As with any building material, we want our cladding to be long-lasting, preferably with minimal maintenance. By combining the advantage of original materials with modern technology, composite cladding boards are sturdier and more durable than wood. This is because they are UV protected, so do not fade, split or rot. 

Unlike some alternative cladding products, a fully capped composite, such as NewTechWood, is also resistant to moisture & pests. The protective polymer coating also prevents staining.

Composite panel products are generally backed by more comprehensive warranties than all other alternatives. 

Natural look

The finishes of cladding can greatly vary between manufacturers, depending on the material and composition of the profiles, as well as how the finish is applied. 

If you choose some of the most natural-looking composite cladding panels on the market, you can enjoy the variations of colour hues and textured surfaces as found in a natural timber.

You can add an authentic touch of class by cladding your home’s exterior, whilst avoiding the maintenance issue of real timber by using a composite timber product.

Low maintenance

A fully finished exterior wall cladding board requires no initial staining or coating, meaning you save on initial installation costs.

This product also demands no oiling, painting or sanding moving forward. This is a huge time-saver, not to mention a cost-benefit.

Current design trends are seeing larger and more elevated cladding facades which can be difficult to access for regular maintenance. Composite cladding offers an enormous advantage, meaning you can install it, set and forget, and enjoy the appearance for many years to come. 

Eco friendly 

With environmental issues at the forefront of our minds, many of us are looking for ways to be greener and build sustainably.

If you’re after eco-friendly solutions for your home and its exterior, choosing eco-friendly products like composite cladding might be helpful in joint efforts to minimise carbon footprint.

For example, thanks to NewTechWood, which is made from 95% recycled materials, 5,400,000 kg plastic is saved from being dumped in landfill each month! Unlike composite materials, cement cladding has a significant carbon footprint.  According to Chatham House, the cement industry accounts for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Whichever type of composite cladding you choose for your house project, your property will benefit. So, do thorough research and base your decision not only on appearance but also durability, maintenance, and total cost-effectiveness. If you want to create a beautiful, natural look for your home’s exterior, with almost no maintenance and excellent protection against the harsh Australian weather, contact our friendly team.

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