Many industrial facilities are home to incredibly sensitive operations that require full security and C.E. Shepherd Company offers that with our industrial welded wire mesh security fencing.

Whether you are looking to protect some sort of production facility or an asset as sensitive as a nuclear power plant, C.E. Shepherd offers effective solutions via our MaxStop welded wire mesh security fences. Constructed from heavy-duty, resilient industrial welded wire utility fencing panels, these fences are effective in fending off all types of intruders and threats.


Trust the superior engineering of C.E. Shepherd Company

As leading welded wire security fencing panels manufacturers, C.E. Shepherd puts to use our over 40 years of experience for our clients. We have perfected the engineering of our fencing solutions to allow them to provide a superior level of security and privacy.

Our industrial welded wire mesh security fencing not only holds out human and animal intruders — these solutions are anti-climbing, digging and cutting — but it also holds up to the elements. Not only do our durable materials take a pounding from heavy winds and storms but our fences will not warp or curl like others often do.

MaxStop’s industrial welded wire utility fencing panels can create a security perimeter that can also include other features, such as:

  • Gates
  • Alarms
  • Electrified
  • And more

The team at C.E. Shepherd has fencing solutions for all different types of facilities — from industrial facilities to airports, army bases and more. Our team of welded wire mesh utility fencing manufacturers can sit down with you, show you our many fencing options and then help create a perimeter that meets the specific needs of your facility and its operation.

Trust C.E. Shepherd for industrial welded wire mesh security fencing and gain access to the protection that your industrial facility needs.

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