Initial 30% reduction in cost of scaffolding

Shipbuilding company significantly improves its scaffolding procurement cost using Quality Story methodology.

30% reduction in scaffolding cost within the first 3 months
Monitoring of use and of the rules for assembling and dismantling scaffolding
Creation of a catalogue of scaffolding optimisation solutions
Definition of optimum scaffolding procurement solution for each ship
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  • To monitor the use of scaffolding.
  • To reduce the amount of unnecessary assembling and dismantling.
  • To shorten scaffolding dismantling time.
  • To shorten scaffolding assembling time.
  • To extend the catalogue of technical scaffolding solutions.
  • To make contract conditions more flexible.
  • 15% reduction in scaffolding costs in the first ship.
  • 20% reduction in scaffolding costs in subsequent ship.


  • Launching the Quality Story technique:
    • Identifying the problem.
    • Collecting and analysing data.
    • Analysing the causes.
    • Planning and deploying solutions.
    • Checking the results.
    • Standardising the solution.
    • Reflecting on the process and the next problem.
  • Presenting results to Management.

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