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    How To Install Razor Barbed Wire In Different Situations

    28 / 07 / 2021

    Razor Barbed Wireis a high security wire capable of forming large coils that can be unfolded like a hexagonal lyre. It is sharper than standard barbed wire. The multiple blades are designed to cause severe cuts to anyone who tries to crawl through, and therefore have a strong psychological deterrent effect. Great for keeping your house safe.

    If you are interested in razor wire or want to buy and use it, it is necessary to know how it should be installed. If you know little about the installation of razor wire, please do not try it easily, because it is very easy to hurt yourself and very dangerous.

    In this article, we will provide you with some detailed installation guidelines based on our experience.

    Preparation before installation

    Measure and calculate how long razor wire is needed.

    Measure the distance between the clamps and the clips. This determines the distance between the coils.

    Determine the number of coils, each can be 8 to 15 feet away.

    Inspect the razor wire itself to make sure it is not rusty.

    Note the following: material, blade type, blade thickness, core wire diameter, and number of turns per coil.

    Prepare the tools and accessories needed for installation.

    Tools needed

    Razor Wire Gloves: Gloves for hand and wrist protection that are cut, puncture and abrasion resistant. Further protection is required for the sleeves of the lower and upper arms.

    Warning Signs: Be aware of potential hazards. We recommend securing warning signs at 10 m intervals along the running length of the fence.

    Durable ground hooks: Used to securely fasten hexagonal accordion coils to the ground.

    Installation on existing fences.

    Place a coil of wire at the top of the fence and secure it to the fence posts at the top and bottom.

    Pull the roll of wire to the other end of the fence post and again secure the top and bottom to the fence post.

    Distribute the razor wire rolls along the fence. Try to keep the fence from moving around.

    Installed on the ground.

    This type is relatively simple to install and can quickly deploy an effective defensive barrier.

    Firstly, a fence post is installed at intervals on the ground, and then the razor wire is extended and fixed on each fence post.

    Installation on the wall.

    First install the brackets on the wall, spacing the brackets.

    Attach at least two rows of wire to each bracket so that the razor wire can be held more securely in place. You can also use barbed wire.

    The wire mesh extends and is secured to the bracket while the wire coils are secured to the wire or barbed wire with a tie wire.

    There are flexible ways to install wire fencing in different environments, and these are common. Our biggest advice to you is to be very careful when installing, especially when stretching the blades, be sure to hold the coils firmly or they may bounce back and accidentally injure you. It is best installed by two or more people. Solo installation is not recommended. After installation, check that the fastening is complete and does not allow any looseness.

    You can buy the best quality hexagonal accordion razor wire coils online on HOUTUO.


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