Wire Mesh Crimp and Weave Styles

Woven Wire Mesh Crimp and Weave Styles

 Wire Mesh Weave Styles

Plain / Double
Twill Square
Twill Dutch
Reverse Plain Dutch
Plain Dutch





Plain/Double: The plain weave is the most commonly used and simplest to weave. It is a standard type of weave for wire cloth resulting in square openings with wire sizes the same in both directions. Each warp wire passes alternately over and under fill wires at right angles, both directions.

Twill Square: Each warp and shute is woven alternately over two and under two warp wires. This gives the appearance of parallel diagonal lines, allowing it to be used with heavier wires with a particular mesh count (that is possible with the plain weave wire cloth). This ability allows the applications of this wire cloth to be used for greater loads and finer filtration.

Twill Dutch: A filter cloth that offers higher strength than regular Dutch weaves. It packs even more wires in a given area. Each shute wire typically passes over two warp wires and under two, producing square openings. Generally, this weave has finer mesh counts and lower flow than regular Dutch weaves and can be made to filter particles as fine as 2 microns in diameter.

Reverse Plain Dutch: A filter cloth in which the larger count of wires is found in the warp and the smaller count in the shute, thus reversing the method used in plain and twilled Dutch weaves. The warp wires have a smaller diameter than the shute wires and touch each other, while the heavier shute wires are woven as tightly together as possible.

Plain Dutch: Primarily used as a filter cloth. The openings slant diagonally through the cloth and can not be seen by looking directly at the cloth. This weave has a coarser mesh and wire in the shute direction, giving a very compact, firm mesh with great strength.

Woven Wire Cloth Crimp Styles

Pre-crimping is typically found in coarser wire cloth or space cloth specifications. The pre-crimp action enables both the warp and shute wires to nest securely with each other restricting their random movement and ensuring an accurate and consistent opening size.This weaving technique adds strength and rigidity to the wire cloth. Here are a few of the custom crimp styles that Marco offers:

Lock Crimp: Made to hold accurate openings. Each intersection is formed with straight sections of fill wires woven within straight sections of warp wires. Fill wires are woven in an alternating pattern, top and bottom.

Double Crimp: Square pattern wire cloth using warp and fill wires of equal size. Warp wires pass over and under fill wires in an alternating pattern at adjacent intersections.

Intercrimp: Crimped warp wires filled at every other crimp with fill wires. Provides superior rigidity and greater stability. Popular for screens and architectural uses.

Flat Top: All crimping is offset to one side producing a single plan on the top which allows for the smooth flow of materials over the surface.

Crimp & Weave Styles