Midwestern is a Custom Wire Weaver.

If you’re in need of custom woven wire mesh, contact Midwestern Industries, Inc. Our high-quality wire mesh can be used in a variety of products.

Available Custom Woven Wire Mesh:

Midwestern is both a wire weaver and screen manufacturer, which allows us to offer our customers the unique ability to create “one-of-a-kind” screens for their applications. Speak to a sales representative today to discuss your screening needs.

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Midwestern Wire Cloth Book
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Clear Opening Screens

Midwestern has the ability to construct heavy-duty screens with thicker wire to sustain greater impact. Custom wire mesh made to required specifications.   

Fine Mesh Screens

Choose from Midwestern’s large inventory of wire mesh. Available with a backup mesh.

Cloth-Edged Screens

For general use and FDA applications, Midwestern’s cloth-edged screens can be manufactured using various edging material (for different temperatures) and with or without grommets.

Perforated Plate

Customized to meet your screening needs, our perforated screens come in a wide range of sizes and are available with a variety of openings.

Interkleen® Screens

This is an elongated slotted screen with triple shoot construction designed to maximize throughput. Side-tensioned screens will have slots right angle to material flow while end-tensioned screens will have slots parallel to material flow.


Self-cleaning wire screens available in three types of screen styles and individually manufactured to required size and specifications. Designed for Midwestern Industries screeners as well as most makes and models of screeners.

Slotted Screens

Slotted screens offer greater throughput by increasing the amount of open area. Available with single shoot or triple shoot construction.

Custom Screen Options

As a manufacturer, not a reseller, Midwestern works with our customers to provide customized screening solutions. Speak to a sales professional about custom woven wire mesh options.

Screener Accessories
Suspension Tool

Easily replace your screener’s rubber isolators in minutes with the suspension tool.

Material Distributor

Available for dry and wet applications to ensure even distribution of material across screen surface.


Ball Trays

Reduce blinding or plugging caused by near-size plugging of wire cloth screens.

Crown Bar Rubber

In stock and ready to ship, crown bar is necessary in preventing premature screen cloth damage.

Auto Lube

Designed for the MEV Screener, the Auto Lube will precisely dispense the perfect amount of grease, maximizing the life of your bearings.

Spray Bars

These are designed to help wash the fines away from oversized material. They are also effective in slurry and damp applications.