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Wire Fence

Why choose our welded wire fence and woven wire fence products?

  1. Long lasting - We started in the fence business as installers of fence to keep animals in or out. The available fencing from big box stores tended to rust quickly anywhere it touched the ground or when buried in the ground. All our wire fence products are hot dip galvanized after welding or weaving and then PVC coated. This will last longer than electro-galvanized product and can be used in corrosive environments.
  2. Quality at the best price - We specialize in the highest quality product available at the lowest possible price without a middleman (no distributors in between - sales directly to the end user).
  3. Fast shipping from four different warehouses across the United States in SC, MD, NH and CA - Buy with confidence, manufacturer and wholesale direct.
  4. Sizes - We spool hard to find tall (8 foot tall) and small opening size rolls (1" 1/2" etc) in the same hot dip galvanized PVC coated product.

DIY Do It Yourself Wire Fence

  • Do it yourself fence posts, corner posts, bracing, access gates, large driveway gates and other accessories
  • Complete do it yourself all metal wire fence & plastic fence kits - no concrete or digging required
  • Most DIY fences involve basic, standard tools - no specialized skills or training needed
  • Much less expensive than hiring a contractor and equally effective when installed properly


Critterfence is a manufacturer that stands for quality, experience and customer service. With a background in fence installation, Critterfence has the experience needed to provide you the best quality wire fence products and do it yourself fence systems. Critterfence is also known for producing the highest quality and least visible wire fence products for deer fencing on the market, trusted by commercial growers, fence companies, municipalities, universities and more.

As a direct supplier of these products, pricing is volume based. One roll of fence will cost more than a pallet of fence or more.

Discount examples:

Fence kits, multiple fence kits

Multiple fence rolls

Multiples of each item. For example, multiple fence posts, multiple ground stakes etc.

CRITTERFENCE WHOLESALE Deer Fence, Garden Fence, Dog Fence & More

We specialize in many different types of fencing to keep animals in or out

  • Deer fence - plastic fence rolls and metal fence rolls to keep deer out or in
  • Garden fence - small opening size metal fence to keep all types of animals out to protect plants
  • Dog fence - different types of fencing and fence systems to keep dogs in
  • Cat fence - fence systems with no-climb extenders to keep climbing animals in or out
  • Animal fence - fencing to exclude or contain snakes, rodents & more

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