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Concrete by itself provides a sleek look and incredible durability for a variety of residential and commercial projects, but what if there was a simple way to increase its toughness, get a specific look and feel, and even minimize cracking? There is, thanks to concrete fibers.

When to use Fiber Mesh or Wire Mesh

When it comes to reinforcing your concrete, there are two mesh options: fiber mesh and wire mesh. Each of these types are sufficient in minimizing structural damage and cracking, but there are distinct differences between the two. Continue reading as we discuss when to use fiber mesh and when to use wire mesh.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh makes concrete more durable and increases its strength. The area in which the concrete will be laid down should be covered in mesh before pouring commences. As the concrete is poured, the wire mesh should be lifted up so that it’s positioned in the middle of the concrete in order to provide steel reinforcement. This particular type of reinforcement resembles a two-dimensional grid, which plays an important role in its support capabilities.

Fiber Mesh

Fiber mesh is made up of fibrous materials like synthetic fibers, glass fibers, natural fibers, and steel fibers. It is typically used in sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Rather than being laid down prior to the concrete pour, this type of mesh is distributed evenly throughout the wet concrete.

The purpose of fiber mesh is to reduce water loss from the concrete as well as enhance its structural integrity. This type of mesh is also used to create a higher impact resistance in the concrete, prevent thawing, and increase its strength. Unlike wire mesh, this particular type of reinforcement provides more than just a single layer of support–it reinforces concrete throughout its entire surface.

When selecting which type of mesh to use, you will need to consider both the time and price each will cost you. Because constructing a driveway, sidewalk, or patio can be quite difficult for residents to maneuver around, you’ll want to make sure that the project is completed as soon as possible. Using wire mesh is typically a longer process than fiber mesh, because it requires time to overlap and must be laid twice. Keep in mind that the longer the project takes, the more it will cost you.

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