Woven Wire Mesh

Locker’s woven wire is an innovative architectural product combining delicacy with durability for screening that looks great. It has dozens of uses across a range of structural designs, making it an excellent choice for your next architectural project.

What is Locker woven wire?

Woven wire mesh is an interlaced metal wiring sheet, available in a variety of substrates such as aluminium or stainless steel, as well as a small range of other profiles now available in stock. Each of these materials recreate a different atmospheric metal profile for your architectural project, with our range custom-manufactured to exact specifications. Ensuring your next project achieves its own distinct architectural look is key to Locker’s reputation for excellence.

Locker’s woven wire is lightweight, is easy to transport and can quickly being installed, meaning you can add a chic edge to your space in no time. Additionally, it can fit several stylistic profiles – flat ribbons, round strands, alternative weaves or a combination of any of these are all possible. These profiles are designed to precisely fit your dream project, meaning there is no limit to where and how you can use woven wire.

Where and how do I use woven wire?

Architectural woven wire’s delicate textural finish, coupled with its durable material substrate, makes it suitable for a variety of internal and external uses, including sun shading, facades or screening. Internally, it brings a stylish metallic look to everyday structures and rooms, giving your space a striking visual edge. Wove wire is excellent for screening between spaces, providing increased privacy, and for covering windows to minimise sun glare.

Externally, it acts as an excellent source of sun shading and shielding from the elements, minimising rain damage and wind-blasting while still allowing ample light and airflow.

It is also suitable for durable balustrade infills and retail fit-outs, with our woven wire manufactured to stringent Australian and New Zealand standards. Applications for woven wire are numerous, manufacturable into innovative facades, durable balustrades and effective screening that will give your architectural project a striking look.

Architectural Woven Wire Mesh