Corrugated and Angle Pales of Palisade Fence

Palisade fence, a type of beautiful and high security wire mesh fence is more and more accepted by customers from all over the world. Compared with welded wire mesh fences, which is manufactured from steel wires, the palisade fence is made of steel pales with different head types. The different head types can not only supply beautiful surface, but provide high security for the areas. Palisade fence, used with gates and various spikes, razor barbed wires is widely used in residences, factories, gardens and various applications.

Palisade fence materials

Palisade fence can be made of different materials, the main material of palisade fence is galvanized steel and PVC coated steel. Commonly, the hot dipped galvanized steel palisade fence is more widely used than the electric galvanized type because it can supply thicker zinc coating and better corrosion and rust resistance. Additional, it is weather and age resistance to be used for a long service life.

The PVC coated palisade fence can not only supply outstanding corrosion and rust resistance and durable life, but supply various colors for blending with surrounding environments. The main colors are green, blue, yellow, white and various other colors. You can choose the single color or mix color in one piece. Special colors can be customized according to your requirements.

PF-01: Galvanized palisade fence.

PF-02: PVC coated palisade fence.

Palisade types

Palisade fence can be used for general purpose, where need the normal security and protection, which is called general purpose fence (GP fence). Another type of palisade fence is used in the areas, which needs higher security factor and protection. Compared with general purpose palisade fencing, anti-climb security palisade fencing is higher in height, thicker in thickness and w-section pales are used.

Palisade fence and gate for general purposes in corrugated and angle pales for heights up to 2.4 m, and for security purposes (SP fence) in corrugated pales for heights of 3.0 m and 3.6 m, all with posts at 2.75 m centers. We can supply all kinds of palisade fences, which cover fences between 2.4 m and 3.6 m in height with components constructed to the SP specification.

  • For SP fencing, the maximum deflection at the middle of the span under a test load of 3.5 kN shall not exceed 10 mm.
  • For GP fencing, the maximum deflection at the middle of the span under a test load of 2.5 kN shall not exceed 8 mm.

PF-03: General palisade fence for garden security.

PF-04: Security palisade fence for residence protection.

Palisade fence components

The palisade fence is commonly composed of pales, rails, posts, stays and various accessories.

Palisade fence pales

Pales on the palisade fence is hot or cold formed. General purpose fence is either corrugated or angle section, and security fence has corrugated with fastener head protection. The length tolerance of pales is ±5 mm.

Palisade fence pale is the most important component in the whole palisade fence security system. It has different pale types and head types for choice. See the following introduction, drawings and pictures and know more about the pales.

Palisade fence pale type

The palisade fence pale can be divided into corrugated pale and angle pale. The corrugated pale has W type and D type with different structure surface.

  • D section pales. Working with long bolts, are designed for boundary delineation requiring low to medium security and damage resistance.
  • W section pales. with higher inherent strength and better vandal resistance, are the most used type to provide effective high security and extra protection. Fastened by short bolts, the W type palisade pales are flush against the horizon rails without flexibility.
  • Angle steel pales. Bolted or welded to horizon fence rails, are suitable for general purpose applications, such as residential estates protection.

PF-05: Different types of palisade fence pale drawings.

PF-06: W pale palisade fence.

PF-07: D pale palisade fence.

Palisade fence pale head type

Palisade fence pales have different head types, the corrugated fence pales and the angle pales are also different, the palisade fence pale head can supply security for the whole system and it can prevent the intruders from climbing into the areas.

PF-08: Six types of corrugated pale head.

Corrugated pale head types are as follows:

  1. Round and notched type.
  2. Round only type.
  3. Plain type.
  4. Single pointed type.
  5. Triple pointed and splayed.
  6. Triple pointed, splayed and returned.

PF-09: Five types of angle pales head.

The angle pale head types are as follows:

  1. One pointed.
  2. Double pointed.
  3. Triple pointed.
  4. Triple pointed & sprayed.
  5. Seven spikes.

Fixing types of pales

Pales are secured to the rails at every intersection by different ways:

  • Welding. Welding shall comprise 3 mm fillet welds of minimum length 30 mm on each side of the pale. All welding operations is in accordance with BS RN 1011-1 and BS EN 1011-2, by suitable personnel qualified in accordance with BS EN 287-1.
  • Bolting.
  • Riveting.

Bolting and riveting fixing method has the minimum 8 mm diameter to fix the pale and rail. The heads of rivets, bolts and nuts have minimum projection beyond the face of the pale to minimize tampering and footholds. Fixing design in SP pales supplies fastener head protection from attack from external force.

PF-10: Bolting type.

PF-11: Welding type.

PF-12: Riveting type.

Spacing and face to view

  • The maximum spacing of pale center to center shall be
    • For corrugated pales: 155 mm.
    • For angle pales: 135 mm.
  • The minimum face to view (width) shall be:
    • For corrugated pales for SP fences: 70 mm.
    • For corrugated pales for GP fences: 65 mm.
    • For angle pales: 56 mm.

Palisade fence rails

Palisade fences are designed with two horizontal rails. In the table 2, it has the detailed data about the palisade fence pale and oversails. Such as the oversail from the center of upper rail fixing to the top of the pales and the oversail from the center of the lower rail fixing to the bottom of the pales.

Palisade fence post

Posts are embedded in earth or bolted on concrete foundations. The palisade fence with pointed top pales are equipped with pointed post. Posts are commonly designed at 2.75 m centers. If you need posts at different centers, just tell as, we will design it for you.

Palisade fence post type.

  • RSJ post.
  • Square post.

PF-13: Square post palisade fence.

PF-14: RSJ post palisade fence.

Fixing method of palisade fence

  • Bolts type.
  • Embedded type.

PF-15: Bolts type.

PF-16: Embedded type.
Table 1: Specifications of palisade fence of posts and rails
Item BS type Fence height above ground
Posts Rails
Post size
Embedded length
Rolled steel angle size
Connector bolts diameter
PFPR-01 GP 15 1500 102 × 44 7.5 525 40 × 40 × 4 10
PFPR-02 GP 18 1800 102 × 44 7.5 525 40 × 40 × 4 10
PFPR-03 GP 21 2100 102 × 44 7.5 625 40 × 40 × 4 10
PFPR-04 GP 24 2400 102 × 44 7.5 725 40 × 40 × 4 12
PFPR-05 SP 30 3000 127 × 76 13.0 925 50 × 50 × 6 12
PFPR-06 SP 36 3600 127 × 76 13.0 1125 75 × 50 × 6 12
Note: the embedded length = (fence height)/3 - 75. And the minimum length is 525 mm.
Table 2: Specifications of palisade fence pales
Item BS type Angle type pales Corrugated type pales
Rolled steel angle size
Top oversail
Bottom oversail
Nominal thickness
Top oversail
Bottom oversail
PFPS-01 GP 15 40 × 40 × 4 225 150 2.5/3.0 225 150
PFPS-02 GP 18 40 × 40 × 4 225 150 2.5/3.0 225 150
PFPS-03 GP 21 40 × 40 × 4 275 200 2.5/3.0 275 200
PFPS-04 GP 24 40 × 40 × 4 300 210 2.5/3.0 300 210
PFPS-05 SP 30 - - - 3.0/3.9 475 380
PFPS-06 SP 30 - - - 3.0/3.9 650 550

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