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Now available in 4 different types:

  • 2100mm high sets in hot dip galvanised powder coated satin black.
  • 2100mm high sets in plain hot dip galvanised.
  • 2400mm high sets in hot dip galvanised powder coated satin black.
  • 2400mm high sets in plain hot dip galvanised.

Palisade fencing is useful in situations that require high security.
The heavy duty spears are attached to the rails with anti-tamper bolts for added safety against intruders.

Post are made from super strong H profile steel and rails are made from heavy duty angle punched with holes to attach the spears.

Palisade fencing comes in a loose kit and the installer attaches the spears to the rails on site. This differs to garrison fencing where the whole panel is already pre-made, so palisade fencing is more time consuming to install in comparison to garrison fencing.

Each Panel kit consists of:

1 x Heavy Duty  H-beam Post (100 x 55 x 2700 or 3250 x 3.6mm)

2 x Pre-Punched Angle Beam Rails (50 x 50 x 2750 x 6.0mm)

17 x Palings (70 x 2050 or 2350 x 3.0mm)

34 x Shear bolts to attach Palings

4 x Shear bolts to attach Rails

2 x Rail Connectors

The shear bolts are galvanised but not powder coated. Shear bolts are designed so that the nut used to tighten the bolt snaps off, thus not allowing an intruder an easy way to loosen the remaining nut.

Each set comes with two inline rail connectors as standard but these can be swapped to corner or end connectors as needed.

Palisade Fencing is widely used in Perth and the main places it can be seen are along the freeway railway lines, surrounding government service compounds and commercial sites that need a strong deterrent to stop people accessing the area. As the palings are 3mm thick steel they are much more difficultt to penetrate than garrison fencing.

So if you want the highest security fencing you can get then please consider Aussie Fencing’s Palisade style fencing.


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