Plastic Coated Mild Steel Binding Wire, Tie Wire, Fence Wire


Made of galvanized iron wire, annealed wire
Core diameter 0.6mm-4.0mm (BWG 23-8 )
Outside diameter 0.9mm-5.0mm (BWG 20-7 )
PVC coating, min. coating 0.4mm
Tensile strength: 30-75kg/mm2
Color: green, blue yellow orange, gray and so on.
Forms: Rolls, cut pieces, U type
Packing: lined with PVC strips and wrapped with PVC or stainless cloth.

Excellent corrosion resistance;
Anti-aging property;
Long service life compared with common galvanized wire;
Different colors available for customers choice.

Application: Rebar bundling and packing; Fencing wire for Chain link fences, industrial mesh fences; Coat hangers and handles.

Product Variety

PVC Coated Steel Rebar Ties with Galvanized Core Wire:

16 gauge PVC coated tie wire for rebar tying, fence wire tying, Ral 6005 green color, Coil weight per roll: 50kg, Material: Steel

PVC Coated Tying Wire with Annealed Wire as Core Wire:

Plastic coated wire 1.2mm diamater, materials black annealed wire 0.8mm

PVC (Poly) Coated Steel Binding Wire

PVC Coated Iron Wire core dia. 1 mm, (Galvanized), OD 1.3 mm, coating thickness 12 mm, tensile strength 390-540 N/mm2, Packing 2.5Kg/Coil. Coated M.S. Wire 20 SWG

Wire Hangers:

PVC Wire Hanger, or Chromed finish, Length 40 cm, Height 20 cm, Wire Diameter 40mm, flat body, triangle shape, rounded ends.

Coated Barbed Wire for Fencing Uses:

IOWA type barbed wire, 2 strands and 4 points twisted. Barbs' distance can be 3-6 inches with a tolerance at 1/2" less or more.