Concrete Reinforcement Products

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Concrete is, by nature, a brittle material that performs well in compression, but is considerably less effective when in tension. Reinforcement in concrete is used to absorb these tensile forces so that the cracking which is inevitable in all high-strength concretes does not weaken the structure. For many years, steel in the form or bars or mesh (also known as "re-bar") has been used as a reinforcement for concrete slabs that are designed to experience some form of loading, whether that loading would be carrying traffic, spanning a void or bearing another structure such as a wall. In many slabs, steel mesh has also been used as a crude (and often ineffective) method of crack control. 

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Latest developments in concrete technology now includes reinforcement in the form of fibres, notably polymeric fibres, as well as steel or glass fibres. Fibre-reinforcement is predominantly used for crack control and NOT structural strengthening