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Scaffold Towers

The Scaffold Tower: An Ideal Solution for Working at Height

Scaffold towers, sometimes referred to as access towers or a tower scaffold, are highly useful alternatives to ladders when there's a lot of work to be done at height.
• Scaffold Towers have large work platforms, which can comfortably fit a worker and any necessary tools and materials, while at the same time being both rigid and stable.
• The work platforms offer a much safer environment to work from compared to balancing on a ladder.
Scaffold towers are self-supporting, meaning they do not need to be leaned against any wall or building, the very benefit that makes a mobile scaffold tower such a practical form of high level access.
Scaffold towers eliminate the risk of slipping, which can happen with ladders; this is due to them being a free-standing structure.
• Overall , Scaffold Towers are much more versatile compared to ladders, offering you a larger area to work on and less repositioning required.

Working Safely on a Scaffold Tower

Safety begins the moment workers begin assembling scaffold towers. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when erecting scaffold towers, and never deviate from them by using non-standard or jury-rigged parts. Many reputable scaffold tower manufacturers have formed alliances with the Health and Safety Executive to develop sound methods by which scaffold towers are assembled, used and disassembled. The country of origin of scaffold towers is an important consideration as well. It's wise to choose a tower manufactured by a reputable UK or EU company, rather than one from Asia, where the manufacturing and quality requirements are not as high. Quality is critical, and as important as price & value when working at heights to ensure health and safety, so be sure you choose your tower scaffold with great care. At BPS Access Solutions, we have exacting standards for the scaffold towers we sell. In addition, we support our products with superior customer service.

The Best Materials to Use for a Scaffold Tower

In general, aluminium and steel have historically been the materials of choice for scaffold towers, fibre glass has also become an option for Zone 1 requirements, but an aluminium scaffold tower has generally been accepted to be the lightest, most practical and durable form of scaffolding tower in recent years. Towers made from either of these metals are sound and reliable. For work around electrical sources, however, glass fibre towers should be used, since they will not conduct an electric current the way steel and aluminium do. If cost is a consideration, then steel is the better choice, since it's less expensive than aluminium. When buying scaffold towers, though, it's important to consider the application carefully. Regardless of what material you choose, be sure that it conforms with the BS EN1004 standard. If the tower comes from another country, be sure it carries a comparable rating. If the tower comes from Germany, for example, it should have a TUV mark.

Look No Further for a Quality Scaffold Tower

So you've come to recognise that you require a quality scaffolding tower-where do you meet the requirement best? Here at BPS Access Solutions, our work at height experts will work closely with you to match your particular requirements with one of our quality scaffold towers. Our towers come with everything needed -- no expensive extras or accessories to buy. Why should you buy from us? First, we offer free delivery, along with a free lifetime guarantee. For many applications, aluminium is the ideal choice. Our aluminium towers are easy to assemble, move and disassemble. They can be stored or used outdoors with no concern about rust or corrosion. One feature that sets our towers apart is that the platforms are included. Lesser models require the use of timber boards, which must be purchased separately. The frame members feature a special non-slip texture for a sure grip when climbing. In addition, the frame features durable welded joints. Our competitors' models use an unreliable crimping method that can work loose over time.

More Scaffold Tower Features and Functions

Our scaffold towers feature two wheels to facilitate moving. The bracing is fully colour coded, which facilitates erection and ensures that the tower is correctly assembled and braced. We also furnish stabiliser bars with a footprint that's larger than our competitors'. We're pleased to offer our popular aluminium tower with ultra strong 40mm diameter tubing that delivers exceptional strength. Assembly is quite simple and straightforward. The tower comes in 4 sizes and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It has a maximum safe working load of 150kg. The platform is adjustable in 300mm increments. End height adjustment is included. This means the tower can be deployed on stairs. Finally, the tower comes from an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer. The ISO 9000 set of standards represent international agreement on a set of quality standards. The result? Better products and better accountability. This tower offers great value for the price.

For the best solutions for working at height, our aluminium scaffold tower is worth serious consideration. Why not contact us today on 01959 576 568 or send an email to