SECUREX® is the Niles security fence system designed to increase perimeter security and specifically prevent, deter and delay unwarranted entry and exit. Using a series of metal mesh fabrics, fittings and framework, we provide a barrier that enables the user to design a fence to specific needs.





Niles Fence & Security Products, LCC delivers a variety of expanded metal products with multiple application options in security fencing, cages, and wall panels.

Our SECUREX® fence systems provide medium to high security applications including Diamond, High Security, RetroFit, Super-C, including Gates and Doors. In addition, we offer Security Cages, Security Lath and yes, even Snake fencing.

Our SECUREX® expanded metal security fencing systems are ideal for commercial and industrial use and are customizable to protect perimeters of rail lines, power plants, schools, corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, airports, prisons and more.

Our SX 3000 Expanded Metal Security Cages provides increased security for machine guarding, DEA enclosures, data and server rooms, vaults, warehouses and other storage units. Installation options include other customizable applications such as locking and closing accessories, electronic emergency exit options and safety interlocks for doors. Both exterior and interior expanded metal security cages are available for heating, ventilation and air conditioning purposes. Multiple configurations, including ceilings and interior partitions for limited access personnel, offer durable security measure for your needs.

SECUREX SecuLath® wall panels and attachment hardware is specifically designed to help warehouses, storage rooms and production floors effectively manage protection of any valuable materials. The added benefit of SECUREX SecuLath® allows quick surveillance from security managers while providing the highest level of security. As a final touch, swing and slide gates or service windows are optional additions. All of our product applications are available for most industries.

Our customers benefit from Niles’ expanded metal security fencing and caging products for numerous reasons. SECUREX® systems feature our multipurpose mesh materials with anti-climb and anti-cut protection.

The variety of our security fencing systems begins with Diamond. This entry level system features unique c-channel rails and complimentary fittings that attach to round posts, and is our answer to chain-link.

After Diamond is the Securex HSX®. The HSX systems are already in use to protect perimeters in a variety of commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects including rail lines, power plants, corporate facilities, and more.

New to our fence systems and coming soon is SECUREX Longhorn®. Created from our soon to be announced Parallels® line of expanded metal mesh, Longhorn features an elongated mesh pattern with narrow openings to rival welded wire mesh. Longhorn will be able to be mounted on round, square and Super-C framework and will feature heavy gauge fittings.

Completing the line is SECUREX Retro-Fit®, designed to be added to existing chain-link fencing. Retro-Fit uses expanded metal mesh and attaches over chain-link fabrics with custom fittings to add to the level of security. SECUREX RetroFit® fencing is optimal for improving security measures if your current fencing is inadequate.

Super-C fencing comes with a quick installation feature, allowing posts to be driven rather than concreted to the ground. Its open post and rail design helps to eliminate moisture inside the rails, which reduces maintenance and leads to increased savings over time.

SX 3000 Expanded Metal Security Cages provide maximum strength, increased visibility and ventilation. Our expanded metal is durable and stable against any site-specific incidents and is an easy retrofit around existing pipes, beams and other barriers. No matter what the challenge, our metal mesh appliances will do the work right for your security fencing needs.

Framework, fittings and mesh are usually coated with hot dip galvanizing to AS™ specifications. Other common finishing options available for your security fencing needs are Trinity E-Coat, Standard Poly PRO and Epoxy Coat, AS™.