Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Sheet)


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Aludecor ACP Sheet Price:

Aludecor is a top ACP sheets manufacturer to consider for this material. We provide ACP cladding solutions to businesses and homeowners, improving their design quotient and building durability.

Are you interested in ACP sheets for shop elevation or upgrading your house? Get the best ACP sheet price in your city and choose from the 350+ range of ACP shades. Our ACP sheet price starts from INR 72 square feet. Look into your needs and decide which type of ACP sheet will be perfect for you, as the ACP sheet price varies on the thickness and sizes of the ACP sheets. The thickness of our available ACP sheets is 4mm, 3mm, and 6mm.

Our estimated ACP sheet price per square feet:

Item Code ACP Sheet Series Application Types ACP Sheet Price per Sq Ft (INR)
AL312 Regular Series Interior Normal ₹ 71.50
AL312 Regular Series interior ARMOR ₹ 82.50
AL312 Regular Series interior Glossy White ₹ 75.90
AL32 Regular Series Interior Regular ₹ 79.20
AL32 Regular Series Interior Anti-bacterial/ ARMOR ₹ 96.80
AL32 Regular Series Interior Glossy Solid ₹ 86.90
AL332 Regular Series Exterior Regular ₹ 89.10
AL332 Regular Series Exterior Glossy Solid ₹ 95.70
AL33R Regular Series Exterior Regular ₹ 96.80
AL33R Regular Series - Special Exterior Regular ₹ 154.00
AL33R Regular Series - Special Interior Regular ₹ 198.00
AL33R Regular Series - Special Interior Regular ₹ 170.50
AL33R Regular Series Exterior Glossy Metallic ₹ 107.80
AL33R Regular Series Exterior Glossy Solid ₹ 103.40


To know about the ACP sheet price per sq ft & ACP sheet price with fitting, kindly visit our enquiry section or call us at 18001020407.