What is SPC flooring?

20 June, 2022

Learn all about SPC flooring, a type of flooring with the best aesthetic and functional performance for your home or business.

Are you looking for a resistant floor that offers many aesthetic possibilities? 

Laminate floors and vinyl floors, although structurally different, offer very interesting features, such as durability, warmth, the possibility of using them with air conditioning systems such as underfloor heating, protection against impacts and shocks, or ease of installation. 

Before choosing one type of floor or another, it is advisable to evaluate all its pros and cons. 

In this article, we will focus on analyzing what SPC flooring is and will go through the advantages of SPC flooring

What is SPC flooring? 

SPC vinyl flooring is one of the best alternatives for floors with high foot traffic, such as hotels or offices, although it is also used in the domestic environment. 

This name, an acronym for Solid Polimer Composite, refers to its composition, which is more rigid than that of traditional vinyl because its core is made of limestone and stabilizers.

SPC flooring is considered the “next generation” in vinyl flooring. In addition, unlike wood and laminate floors, they are 100% water resistant, being much more versatile and suitable for all types of spaces, including wet rooms in the house such as bathrooms and kitchens.

But why is SPC flooring so resistant?

As we have already mentioned, the key lies in its manufacture, which combines a mixture of PVC and stone powder

This results in a particularly resistant flooring, which is more stable to temperature changes and less demanding in terms of floor planimetry than other floorings. 

The resistance of SPC flooring is also due to the arrangement of the materials.

Vinyl floors have several layers, with a central core composed of a high-density wood fiberboard and an overlay that offers resistance to abrasion and wear. 

In the case of SPC flooring, we have extra layers of material. This means that we have at least four layers: a wear layer with PU protection, a vinyl (decorative film), the reinforced rigid core and a foam layer. 

Some SPC flooring series from L’Antic Colonial such as Kingdom also have an intermediate comfort layer of elastic PVC. 

Advantages of SPC vinyl floors by L’Antic Colonial  

They are water resistant

One of the main characteristics of SPC vinyl floors by L’Antic Colonial is their resistance to water (they are 100% waterproof), so they can be installed throughout the house, also in bathrooms and kitchens.

They reduce the risk of expansion and/or contraction associated with temperature changes. 

SPC flooring stands out for its stability, since its expansions and/or contractions compared to other types of flooring are minimal. 

This feature makes it unnecessary to leave expansion joints or transition profiles between rooms during installation, so we get a greater continuity and more aesthetic finishes. 

They are versatile

Due to their rigid core, SPC vinyl floors are perfectly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, and are recommended for any region or geographic area, and for both businesses and private homes. 

In addition, this type of flooring can be installed on any surface.

They offer high resistance to shocks and impacts

Thanks to their manufacturing materials, SPC vinyl floors are highly resistant to scratches and impacts

Due to its multilayer composition, SPC vinyl flooring is also resistant to office chair wheels, toys and pet traffic. 

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They have great insulation/soundproofing capabilities

Although not their most defining feature, SPC vinyl floors have good soundproofing capabilities and are a noise-minimizing alternative to WPC flooring, offering a quiet experience and maximum walking comfort.

Easy to install

All L’Antic Colonial vinyl floors are easy to install.  In the case of SPC vinyl flooring, we have click-on models that do not require glue or additional tools. In this way, it is possible to renovate offices or work areas in a short time: it is only necessary to adjust the plank to be installed lengthwise to the one already in place and then apply a couple of light blows with a rubber hammer and a block. 

In addition, the uninstallation of this type of flooring is just as easy, allowing it to be quickly dismantled for replacement or renovation.

They have many aesthetic possibilities

SPC floors have very realistic finishes that mimic the look and feel of materials such as wood, accurately reproducing its pores and grains. The best example? The FEUDAL series, available in various shades.

Easy to clean

Like other vinyl flooring, SPC floors are very hygienic, as they have a sealed surface that prevents the proliferation of bacteria

Its UV coating also increases its resistance to wear caused by the direct impact of sunlight.

Guaranteed quality and warranty 

L’Antic Colonial’s SPC floors have all the brand’s warranties: 5, 10 or up to 25 years of commercial and/or domestic use, valid for vinyl materials that have been installed in rooms where they are exposed to normal wear and tear for their End Use Category. 

SPC flooring is an “evolution” of conventional vinyl flooring, which achieves excellent results in all areas, and solves many problems of deformation, expansion and contraction associated with sudden changes in temperature. 

And all this without renouncing to the wide range of aesthetic possibilities of our brand.

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