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Sustainable Design – Recycled Glass Tiles

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One of the ultimate measures of sustainability is a product’s longevity. Taking this ideal a step further, planning an environmentally friendly design solution should also consider how a product can be sustainably disposed of or preferably, re-used to create something new. Glass is a material that can be recycled an infinite number of times, making it a long lasting design solution while also providing a means of sustainable reuse. Glass tiles are a popular solution for the home that can be used in just about any space; glass mosaic tiles for example can be used to create a bathroom feature wall, as an indoor or outdoor pool tile and even as a kitchen glass tile splashback option. 


Recycled glass tiles are created using glass products that have been thoroughly cleaned, sorted in colour categories and then melted back down to form new tiles in various shapes, from mini glass mosaic tiles to larger format square options.  Glass can be melted down and reused again and again making it an infinitely recyclable material that offers an endless lifespan provided the product is put through the recycling process at the end of its use rather than being disposed of in land fill. 

The stylish Cubo collection is made from 100% recycled glass and is available in an assortment of soft neutral tones that are perfect for use as a glass mosaic feature tile in the home. Geometric patterns are used to create a 3D cube effect with each individual tile piece being connected using a mesh backing for ease of installation. The tiles themselves are made using a finely ground glass powder that is moulded and fired into diamond shapes to create an interlocking pattern.


Just like any glass tile collection, recycled glass tiles can be used in all areas of the home to create stunning feature wall designs and in some collections, even as a durable flooring solution. These stunning tiles can be used in the kitchen to form a stylish and timeless glass splashback or in the bathroom as a simple to clean surface finish for your shower walls. Specific collections of recycled glass tiles can even be used as a pool tile option, offering a luscious finish in your pool or spa area. 

Our elegant and timeless Omnia collection is made using 98% recycled glass. This unique collection offers a range of design solutions as it can be used as a floor tile in the home, as a decorative feature wall option and even as a pool tile! Each individual tile shows a unique variation in colour and texture to create a wonderfully varied finish when laid.


Glass tiles will provide a range of benefits in the home as the sleek material provides a surface finish that is incredibly simple to care for and maintain. Glass tiles, whether they are glass mosaic tiles, pool tiles or glass mosaic feature tiles, will not require sealing as the material does not absorb liquids or dirt. When paired with a quality epoxy grout, glass tiles will also help guard against mould and mildew and dirt build up as once again, the surface is very simple to wipe down and keep clean. 

Furthermore, glass products are incredibly durable, ensuring glass tiles last a lifetime with the right installation and care. Longevity in a material used in the home will ultimately add to its sustainable qualities as it will not readily require replacement. Using recycled glass tiles will in turn further enhance the product’s sustainable qualities, saving usable products from waste and landfill. As glass is a material that can be recycled many times over, you can also rest assured that should you wish to replace your glass tiles, you do have the option of recycling them to be turned into new usable products, extending the tile’s lifespan even further!

The luxurious Zafra collection is made using over 90% recycled glass and includes a vast range of tile formats and colour options that perfectly simulate the lush look of a natural marble stone. From subway tiles, hexagon shapes and even herringbone tiles, the collection boasts an impressive range of different options to choose from!

Recycled glass tiles provide a sustainable option for your next project, whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom or selecting pool tiles for your indoor or outdoor area. These tiles will last a lifetime, creating a luxurious experience in any installation! Our team at Perini tiles can recommend the very best solutions to suit your design preferences. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online tile consultation to start working on your next project!