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Welcome to Tata Steel Smart Fab

Tata Steel Presents to you Sm@rtFAB. It is a prefabricated welded wire mesh solution aimed at raising productivity standards and catering to customised project requirements, redefining concepts of time and efficiency. Sm@rtFAB helps projects realising cost saving by 12 - 15% on account of lower steel intensity and improved productivity. Sm@rtFAB is a sustainable offering helping in reduction of carbon footprint.


Sm@rtFAB, India’s first branded welded wire fabric (WWF), is the latest inclusion in our downstream portfolio. It is a cold-worked, ribbed, electrically fused wire fabric, that can be used in concrete reinforcements, leading to optimum steel usage close to actual design, thus reducing steel intensity and leading to cost and time savings.

Catering to today’s need for fast & efficient constructions, Sm@rtFAB provides:

Increase in
speed of construction
Labour productivity
Material Cost
Effective site
Better quality