Temporary Fence Rental

With over 55 years of experience and more than 100,000 feet of temporary fencing installed in eight states, American Fence Rental Company, a division of American Fence Company, can help you with the latest temporary fencing options and best security solutions. Their rental fencing systems can help you create the security and protection you need for a variety of projects from commercial and residential construction, to special events like concerts and marathons and everything in between. Anywhere you need to restrict access, they have the rental fence you need to do the job right.

Providing the best options and competitive pricing for temporary fence rentals in the Midwest is what we do. You can count on our professional staff to assist you with choosing the right rental fence solution to suit your project. They have thousands of temporary panels, posts, fabric and barricades on-hand—ready for delivery and installation. American Fence Rental has access to a wide variety of rental fence options, including standard chain link temporary fence as well as anti-climb temporary fence. We also have the capabilities and materials to customize your temporary fence to fit your project.

Temporary Fence Rental Products

Chain Link Fencing

Temporary chain link fencing from American Fence Company provides durable visibility and security of your job site. This temporary fencing is installed with posts pounded into the soil or with portable fence stands secured by sandbags. Popular with construction sites and as crowd control for special events.

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Panel Fencing

Simple and quick to install. These cost-effective, panel style fences can be customized to suit your temporary fence requirements. These panels are designed to be portable and easy to configure and reconfigure, making this an excellent rental fence type to have if the amount of fencing you need will be changing. Typically installed as a freestanding system.

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American Fence Company offers a number of gate solutions for temporary fencing: vehicle swing gates, pedestrian gates, and vehicle slides gate are the most common. If you require a gate to accommodate foot or vehicle traffic at your job site location, we will make sure that authorized personnel have the access needed.

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These windscreens are great for for preventing wind, dirt, and debris from causing disruptions at your job site. A side benefit is they provide some privacy as well keeping eyes off your equipment and supplies. American Fence Company’s widescreens be customized for project promotion, advertising, and branding.

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American Fence Company’s barricades are a good choice when you need to regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Often used at weddings, concerts, golf tournaments, marathons, parades, you name it. These rental barricades are lightweight, free-standing, and easy to install. No special installation equipment required for this temporary fence solution.

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American Fence Company has many security options for your temporary fence system. These options include: top rail framework, the bolt cutter-proof Ultra Latch, barbwire security top, bottom tension wire, and access control devices.

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Chain Link Temporary Fence

Temporary chain link post and fabric fence installation is performed by driving posts into the ground. If necessary, we will core drill into concrete or asphalt surfaces first and then drive the posts. If you do not wish to break-up existing surfaces, the posts can be installed into portable stands that are anchored with 60-pound sand bags. This temporary post and fabric chain link fence is the best means to create a continuous well anchored barrier around the perimeter of your project.  You may customize your rental fence with additional options including barbwire for site security or protection from dust and prying eyes with our privacy screening.

Anti-Climb Temporary Fence

This temporary fence style has taken the concept of temporary fencing one step further. It is created with a temporary fencing option that has narrow mesh, C-brackets on all corners, is welded on all sides and has an intrinsically stronger frame. This incredible product to offers even more security which helps reduce the amount of theft, trespassing and number of accidents.

The Anti Climb temporary fence option is the most durable and safest temporary fencing option for construction and event site security. These temporary fence panels consist of 99 vertical and 13 horizontal wire that also protrude past the tube. If anyone managed to find a way to climb this fencing, they would still be met with a nasty surprise at the top.

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