The Many Advantages of Timber Palisade Fencing

You see timber palisade fencing, also called picket fencing, everywhere, as it offers many advantages. The wood’s aesthetic look blends nicely with most yards, homes or country properties. It can also add this dimension to a less natural setting. It is secure, strong fencing, if constructed out of quality wood and installed correctly.

Just as important to many users, is what much palisade fencing does not have. That is, the spacing between vertical pickets - known as palisade pales or picket pales - draws many builders to this type of fencing. Many types of timber palisade fencing allow in light, permitting a good view of your property and its surroundings.


You can, of course, close those spaces for more privacy, by using feather edge cladding boards. This might be your preference, an adaptation to your environment (a less secure area) or used to keep what’s within your fencing unseen. If your desired type of timber palisade fencing is less visibility from within or without, then use closeboard construction.

The adage “fences make good neighbours” can easily apply to timber palisade fencing. It defines the perimeters of your property, and is quite noticeable, especially when built to over 2 metres height with pointed top palisades. Some folks like the smoother tips of round top palisades, or use pre-made post caps or decorative finials to top off your posts. These stylish elements also protect post ends from rain.

Fence Posts

You’re more creative? Use a fence post shaper, like those sold at AVS Fencing Supplies, to individually fashion each fence post top. Why buy timber palisade fencing and all its elements from an established, multi-outlet supplier like AVS? Well, you can order different sized shapers, based on post sizes, and you get free advice, given by experienced professionals. AVS have all the tools, mixes, attachments, gate latches and other parts you’ll need you need to install fencing.

The vertical pickets can be bought in a selection of lengths as palisade panels. You can buy a bit long and cut them shorter, if needed. Typical lengths used for most timber palisade fencing are 900mm or 1.2 metres. Most AVS pales, finials and post caps are pressure treated to resist weather and decay.

Key to make long-lasting, sturdy timber palisade fencing are the best fence posts. AVS’s timber fence posts are made from kiln-dried UK-sourced pine, the best timber for fence posts. They come in a natural light brown or dark brown finish, depending on your requirements.

Posts can be purchased plain to attach straight lumber cross rails for your timber palisade fencing. Or, you might prefer to have AVS make morticed posts (or buy pre-made ones), into which you can insert arris rails, with pre-shaped ends to fit into the mortices. Arris rails’ right-angled triangular shaping sheds rain water and its edging impedes would-be fence climbers.

AVS have a wide selection of attractive framed gates with different topped palisades to choose from, as well as several varieties of picket fence panels and gates. Functional timber palisade fencing never looked so good!

9th Apr 2019